The Secret To A Delicious CupcakeThe Secret To A Delicious Cupcake

Cupcake enthusiasts and denigrators alike will agree that a cupcake can be single-handedly saved or destroyed by its creamy topping. Making a proper cupcake is an arduous task, not to be taken lightly. A cupcake should be viewed as a bite-sized masterpiece. You would never want to serve a dry withered, tooth-achingly sweet frosting masked cake would you? Then why do that with a cupcake?

The secret to making a delicious edible masterpiece is to let the flavors complement each other, rather than mask each other. Follow a few easy hints and you will be well on your way to cooking up a treat that will have children and adults screaming for more.

Start with the freshest ingredients possible. Needless to say, Betty Crocker never used a box mix to make her cupcakes. Many delicious recipes can be found online or even in your grandmother's recipe books. Try several and adjust them according to your individual tastes. Minor adjustments to a recipe make a world of difference. Try using vanilla seeds in place of vanilla extract; lemon zest from a real lemon rather than lemon juice from a bottle, or use the juice from an actual lemon.

Real butter offers a significant taste advantage. It allows for the use of less sugar when baking as well. Using margarine or other low-fat alternatives is foolish because you will sacrifice taste unless you overcompensate with sugar, therefore defeating your intention of cutting calories. If your recipe calls for oil; quality oil should be used. If you're trying to cut calories, try experimenting with alternative ingredients like applesauce in place of oil. Again, there are helpful ideas online.

Chocolate tends to be a very popular flavor. A fresh idea, cloaked as an out of date frivolousness, is to use real melted chocolate in your cupcake recipes. Starting by melting chocolate, may be bittersweet, but your cupcakes will have unparalleled, molten texture that is so coveted among connoisseurs of confection sweets.


Most importantly, make sure your frosting doesn't induce a sugar coma. There are a couple of ways to assure that frosting is delicious but, not too sweet. Adding a little cream cheese to the frosting mix helps reduce sugar by giving the frosting its proper consistency. Cutting back on sugar decreases the chances of having a gritty texture. Slowly adding the sugar to any frosting recipe will also help with this.

A few things to remember are that flour choice is important because it affects the density of the cupcake. Using different flour than the recipe can end up in you starting over from scratch. Sometimes making your own ingredients, like vanilla, are cheaper and more flavorful. Additionally, pay attention to what you are using to bake the cupcakes in. Many people have different opinions on this but the type of pan can affect the flavor of the cupcake. Classic aluminized steel tins are thought to bring out the best flavor in the cupcake but, silicone is extremely user friendly and great if you're concerned about cupcakes sticking. Whatever ingredients or baking dishes are used, just remember to truly have fun with the experience, the amount of work you put into a cupcake will certainly be reflected in the taste.
by Anya Shiela Richards
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Experienced contributing writer Anya likes providing her helpful unique tips and hints about home baking. And her best secret is without a doubt her location for finding cupcake decorating ideas and chocolate cupcake recipe ideas.
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