Some Basic Singing ExercisesSome Basic Singing Exercises

Just like any human being needs to exercise his or her body, a singer also needs some vocal exercises. These singing exercises are done so that they could sing well. Without these exercises they would have a hard time doing the job well.

The purpose of these exercises is to train the voice properly and to have endurance. This is necessary especially when the song assigned to them is very long and takes a while before another pause. Then surely they would be having a hard time singing these songs.

The voice doesn't need years to develop. Sometimes it can be developed by just doing these simple exercises. You only need to do these exercises for a few minutes every time for you to be able to develop your singing voice.

The first exercise most often used is breathing. This exercise helps control the intake of air whenever there are long pauses in a song. There are some singers who almost run out of breath especially if the songs have long endings before a pause ever happens. That is why these breathing exercises are necessary. The most common breathing exercise is done by taking a deep breath and then breathing out slowly. Doing these several times will help them in their oxygen intake.

The next step is the actual singing exercises. These are sometimes called vocalization exercises. Start by singing a certain sound like "mi" from the lower end of the scale going up then going down again. If you do this several times a change in tone and pitch will be noticeable.

And lastly, start practicing. Start with songs that are simple. This is much easier to do. Starting with songs that are hard and complicated will only give you a hard time. During the first few times singers don't take the plunge and do singing exercises that seem so complicated that they lose their breath.

A good singing exercise need not be hard. It takes time before it can be mastered, though. Sometimes it doesn't have to be done before the actual singing performance. This can be done even if one is taking a shower, or if one is not preoccupied with other things. The important thing here is to make an effort to conduct this exercise in order to develop one's singing voice.

There are some misconceptions that singing in front of the microphone is very easy; however, ideas like this fly out the window once the person is already on stage. Singing is like making a speech. A message has to be delivered to the audience. Once a singer has failed in this it will be a total failure. Some experts say that the key to being a good singer is to be able to connect to the audience. Do they understand the song? What message does it convey? If it's a love song or a sad song does the singer express what the writer of the song wants to express?

In conclusion, these singing exercises are just some of the things that one can do if they want to be successful in the field of singing.
by Sean Goudelock
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