Simples Tips In Selecting DUI LawyersSimples Tips In Selecting DUI Lawyers

Having problems in choosing DUI lawyers, but do not know where to locate or to find one? If yes, you are one of those individuals who have difficulties getting this type of attorney. You should not be hasty in selecting a barrister because you could end up paying penalties or paying huge professional fees. To find the best, you should consider tips mentioned below and to be aware of the factors for consideration to make your search easier.

You are not alone who have this type of case because it happens to many individuals everywhere. Many of us are fond of attending parties and drink one or two drinks glasses of wine. Most often, we prefer to drive home instead of getting a cab or bus. While you drive home, a police officer stops you and lets you take a sobriety test. You are then arrested, imprisoned for a day or two and find yourself trialed in court. Driving while you are under the influence of liquor is not an easy case to tackle because it is difficult to find the right lawyer to handle your case and it is costly.

It is unavoidable to drink at parties, but you should think twice before you decide to drink alcoholic beverages while driving. Before you decide to hire an attorney, you should first consider if you can afford to recruit one. Even though you can hire private lawyers in private practice at least cost, you are not sure of its credibility and effectiveness. Before you choose one, you should conduct research, ask referrals from friends and family members who have the same case as you have and surf the Internet to read reviews of clients.

Factors to consider when looking for a DUI lawyer:

* Cost - Despite the huge cost associated with hiring this type of attorney, you can still find one who has lesser professional fees yet offer quality service.

* Experience - You should find one with enough experience in handling this type of lawsuit.

* References - It is advisable to hire one with several references whom you can call and inquire about the quality of services they offer.

* Political standing - Some lawyers want to win this type of case for his political agenda and to get good standing in political society, thus it is suggested to hire one with this type of background.


1. Before you find your lawyer, should first make detailed notes about your arrest to assess of a possible misconduct of a police officer. You should ask a pro bono attorney to review your notes.

2. You can inquire from your local bar association, ask referrals and surf Internet to conduct research. Short list the best DUI lawyers you can find and rule out those who practice other areas.

3. Interview those in your list. Ask them about their case history, state officials they knew and where they worked for. You can also ask if they worked for the state. If one of them worked for the state, then, you have found the right person.

4. Take note of their speaking style and how they handle problems and treat employees. If you noticed that your lawyer yells and mistreats his secretary, it is a sign that he is not patient with your case.
by Camelia Johnston
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