4 Benefits Of Lifelong Learning For Students4 Benefits Of Lifelong Learning For Students

Even if you are not studying, it is still important to learn something new every day. This keeps you mentally active. And you will be in tip-top condition to adapt to changes when needed. Like athletes who lose muscle mass when they do not practice, the mind is very much the same. It needs to keep working to maintain functioning in its best conditions.

There will be three periods in life when learning slows:
1) While you wait to enroll in college.
2) After completing your formal education.
3) When you retire.

A good education system should encourage and promote lifelong learning. Even senior citizens past retirement age are encouraged to undergo training courses. In Singapore for example, it is the country's belief that every citizen can do his or her part to develop the nation. Old habits die hard, so youths are encouraged to develop habits of daily learning. In Singapore's intensive study curriculum, they learn a lot. And this is what you get when you study in Singapore too.

Bottomline is this, you ought to learn something new every day so that your skills get polished. And before you know it, you wake up one morning, executing works like a professional.

So what can lifelong learning do for you?

1. Keeps your mind active
Learning something new daily preps the mind for more information. In school, you will practice a lot of new skills. To absorb new information, your mind has to process it into something you can understand. And this translates into a lot of thinking.

Look for a school that gives you an international environment. This allows you to make friends with people from other cultures. Being out of your regular comfort zone will keep your mind active. It makes you find ways to grow accustomed to the area.

2. Learn new things at a steady pace
This helps you to pace yourself. And it prevents nasty side-effects like information overload. The best way to learn every day is to pay attention in class. Promising yourself to study after class is tempting. But it reduces the time you could spend doing something else.

Keeping your learning pace steady allows you to understand concepts in the shortest amount of time.

3. Cures boredom
There is a reason why facebook and twitter are so popular - Because there is new information streaming in all the time. The key is content variety. And that is what you get in school. Granted, assignments are not fun 100% of the time. But it kills boredom when you have to keep searching up information.

The learning system in college is very different from the textbook-mugging in high school. Some answers cannot be found in texts, which makes you have to source for them. Most of the time, multiple Google searches, a few trips to the library, or a phone call to field professionals will give you the right answers.

4. Makes you smarter every day
Learning something new every day equates to making you smarter every day. Keep working on it and you will learn the skills you need for your dream job!
by Donald Pang
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Donald Pang is the International Admissions Director of Raffles International Colleges with presence in 14 Asian countries such as Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh & Mongolia etc. Courses offered include Diploma, Bachelor & Master Degree in Design, Science, Technology and Business.
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