The Answer By Brian TracyThe Answer By Brian Tracy

The Answer, by Brian Tracy is a CD that is specially made for those who in short are interested in network marketing. Not only is this for those interested in network marketing, this can be for those who might be interested in network marketing but don't realize it yet. The answer is actually somewhat of the answer to the question of what will bring a person happiness. In short, money is the answer. However, Brian Tracy goes about explaining this is by making the case that while money isn't the solution to our happiness, money will give you time, and time gives you freedom. Ultimately the reason why people want to be rich is because they want freedom. They want freedom from having to live check to check. They want freedom from having to worry about things such as how they will eat, and how they will clothe themselves. People want freedom from having to worry about their health, specifically healthcare expenses. It doesn't take long for people to come up with a long list of things that they would like to be free from worrying about. This is why the CD The Answer by Brian Tracy is so necessary.

Brian Tracy makes an argument as many people have learned, that network marketing can be part of the answer. That is, network marketing is an avenue to create freedom. The reason is because in case the person hasn't figured it out, a job stands for 'just enough to get by'. Most people have figured out somewhere in their careers that when they earn money from a job, they're not going to earn enough money to have freedom. They don't have the freedom to get sick, and they don't have the freedom to buy anything that they'd like, because they work within confines of a job that probably pays less than what their worth. The job probably doesn't respect their personal freedom either.

On the other hand, when a person starts a business, although they don't have to answer to anybody, there is a lot of work that needs to be done that infringes upon their freedom. This leaves network marketing. Because of the structure of network marketing, one doesn't have to invest a lot of time into being successful, and they don't have to answer to anyone with regards to their pay. Since in network marketing they can write their own ticket, they can also produce their own freedom. This is the message of The Answer, by Brain Tracy.

Brian Tracy has been in the corporate field as an advisor, and as an owner for many years. He loves sharing his information for the improvement of humankind, and The Answer by Brian Tracy is just another product that he has produced to help people help themselves, and to become the best versions of themselves. This is why he wants to use this program to educate people that there are avenues such as network marketing that can help them in ways that they might not have imagined before. Brain Tracy uses The Answer to open up possibilities in one's mind, and The Answer is there for the taking.
by Ben Sanderson
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