The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience By Dr. Jeffrey ThompsonThe Awakened Mind State Audio Experience By Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is a well-respected expert on matters related to the brain specifically on the use of sound frequencies to influence the brainwave patterns. His revolutionary works, which include The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience CD, are based on more than two decades of experiences in clinical research on the subject matter. In fact, such is Dr. Thompson's methods are currently in use by health care professionals, multinational corporations and other consumers in over 26 countries.

Rationale of the Program

Dr. Thompson based his works on proven scientific fact that the brain generates unique patterns of brainwaves according to the various states of consciousness. These brainwaves can be mapped and measured by modern technology, of which the information can then be made useful in many areas of human life. Thus, we know that the brain generates alpha and beta waves when fully alert while delta waves are created during sleep and relaxed states, to name a few examples.

The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience offers the best way to influence the brain to generate a specific brainwave pattern - the alpha theta waves, to be exact. These brainwaves have been proven to aid in the individual's attainment of inner peace coupled with heightened levels of creativity. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson carefully assembled the contents of the CD to help listeners control their brainwaves patterns.

Contents of the Program

This is a collection of 6 CDs filled with rich ambient soundtracks, thus, making it easy to use. Just pop it into a portable player, press the play button and start your journey into a place of serenity only attained by the likes of yoga and meditation masters. You can play it in the car, in the office and at home depending on where you want to escape the stresses of life on one hand and be more than ready to deal with the same stresses after the CD has finished playing.

It must be emphasized that The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience does not contain spoken words, subliminal messages and other sounds that can interfere with the desired brainwave patterns. Just put on your earphones or pump up the volume on your speaker, listen to the ambient sounds and be at peace while also being aware of your surroundings. Admittedly, it is an experience that must be, well, experienced so as to fully understand and then enjoy the benefits.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson desires his listeners of his The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience work to experience the extraordinary creativity of the great artists and inventors as well as the uncommon serenity of the masters of meditation. The ambient soundtracks change the brainwave patterns in the brain from, say, anxiety to acceptance, sadness to happiness, and angst to peace. In time, you will be able to control your brainwave patterns just by humming the music but the best benefits always come from listening to the compilation.

With regular listening to The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience, you are guaranteed to live each day with a renewed vitality that leads to benefits like fulfilling your potential, expressing your creativity and gaining wisdom. Indeed, if you have a must-have in CDs, this is one collection that you simply must have playing on the stereo.
by Ben Sanderson
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Please visit The Personal Development Company if you would like to learn more about The Awakened Mind State Audio Experience by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
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