7 Questions To Answer So You Can Save Your Marriage From Divorce7 Questions To Answer So You Can Save Your Marriage From Divorce

If you feel any emotions towards salvaging your relationship at all then you need to take some quick action to save your marriage from divorce while there is still time.

If your divorce has not become final its not too late to put forth one great effort into saving your marriage. If you are willing to do this there are seven questions that your need to ask and find the answers for.

1.Is It Worth It?
You really need to come to the firm conclusion that you do want to be in a marriage relationship with your spouse. By confirming that it is worth the effort, then you are sure to really try at making it work.

2.What Are Your Expectations?
Next you need to decide what is it you are looking for in a marriage. Perhaps when you first got married your expectations were not met. You may have had a different perception of what a marriage is all about. If this were the case then it could be one of the mitigating factors in causing the marriage to breakdown.

It is has to be realized that a marriage is a partnership. Some individuals have such a nature that does not make sharing their life easy.  If this was a cause of failure in your marriage and you want to save your marriage from divorce it means that you are going to have to deal with this major problem.

3.What Are Your Partners Expectations?
Once you know what your expectations of marriage are you need to know what your partner perceives a good marriage to be. If you don't know what your spouse expects of you, then how are you going to be able to do your part in the relationship?

The other reason you need to know the answer to this is, to know whether you feel you can meet or want to meet the requirements. If you want to save your marriage from divorce then this is something your must be able to do.

If there are some segments of your partner's wishes in a marriage that you feel you can't adjust to then perhaps there is some room for negotiation on their part. You won't know though until you identify the issues and make the steps to save your marriage from divorce and address the problems.

4.What Do You Both Have In Common?
Next you need to determine what both you and your partner have in common. You may feel that at this moment that you are in the heat of a pending divorce that there isn't much. Think back though to the beginning or your relationship even before your marriage.

5.What Are The Issues?
Do you really know what it was that has broken your marriage? Chances are the break down has been going on for so long that both you and your spouse have lost sight of the real issues. You need to ponder on these and take a step back and determine when did things begin to fall apart.

In order to save your marriage from divorce you have to know the real causes of what has brought you to the position that you are in today.

6.What Are The Solutions?
After finding all the answers to these questions you should be in a place now where you are ready to start designing some real solutions to the problems that caused the break up.

7.Where Do You Begin?
Where you begin is by starting the communication process. You first need to get your spouse to the point where they too are willing to at least give reconciliation a try. Once the communication has begun then your efforts to salvage your relationship can progress.

These are all questions that need the right answers in order to be able to design a workable plan to save your marriage from divorce.
by Carson Burnett
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Carson Burnett is a relationship expert. For more information on how to save marriage from divorce, visit http://www.savemarriagestopdivorcenow.com/.
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