Lose Fat - 3 Tips For Healthy Eating For Permanent Long Term Natural And Effective Weight Loss While Building MuscleLose Fat - 3 Tips For Healthy Eating For Permanent Long Term Natural And Effective Weight Loss While Building Muscle

If you wanna lose weight, we all know that eating a healthy diet ought to be a first priority. Yes, exercising is important, but diet is really important when it comes to long term management of your weight. I hope by reading this article, you get some simple, but effective ways for you to make healthy changes in the way you eat each day.

1. Make sure that you eat at least some healthy fats in most of your meals. Eating enough healthy fats is really important for keeping right fat burning and muscle building hormone levels in the body. Adequate healthy fats in a person's diet also helps to keep your appetite under control.

The healthiest sources of dietary fats are raw nuts, seeds, egg yolks (obtained from organic free range eggs), avocados, extra virgin olive oil (highest antioxidant content of any olive oils), coconut oil (a super source of healthy saturated fats which is in the form of medium chain triglycerides), and grass-fed meats (a super source of the healthy fat, conjugated linoleic acid, which can assist to burn body fat and build muscle).

Try out this tip --- fill your hand with raw nuts, then eat them (pecans, walnuts, almonds are great healthy choices) 3 times a day about a half hour between meals. This can assist to suppress your appetite and provide your body some protein, fiber, and healthy fats to help you eat less calories altogether at your meals and get a larger amount of nutrition at the same time because of the high nutrient density of most nuts.

2. Try to eat a high quality source of protein along with each of your meals and snacks you eat. Quality proteins from grass-fed meats, grass-fed raw dairy, and also from plant sources like nuts and beans gives good appetite suppression so you are able to control calories you take in easier.

Getting a good amount of quality proteins also assists you to build lean muscle (if you are working out very hard on regular basis) so that the person's metabolism can be at a higher rate due to the increased lean muscle on your body.

Eating enough protein at most of your meals also helps your body in the control of blood sugar and insulin levels by asissting to slow down the breakdown of ingested carbohydrates.

3. Although a nutrition specialist I know of doesn't fully agree with very low-carbohydrate diets, he does believe that one of the top reasons why so many people have a hard time to lose weight for most of their lives is caused by eating large amounts of processed carbohydrates such as refined grain-based starches and refined sugars each day.

Natural sugars in whole fruits and berries are okay because the fiber in fruits assists to slow the blood sugar response in your body. You want to stay away from fruit juices, which there are many that are mainly sugar, and the fiber has been removed in the processing of the juice.

In the experience of a nutrition specialist I know of, when people begin to reduce their grain eating (from cereals, bagels, breads, pasta, etc.), they begin to lose body fat a lot easier. That certain nutrition specialist usually recommends for people to reduce eating grains and focus the carbohydrates they get on fruits and vegetables only. Just this easy step by itself usually assists people to begin managing their weight more easily.

Try to include these 3 tips for eating an intelligent, healthier diet and I'll bet that you will begin to see a leaner body and more energy in a very short period of time.
by Stathi Stathakos
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