Bring Suits For Men Back Into StyleBring Suits For Men Back Into Style

Suits for men seem to be going on the endangered list because a relative small percentage of men actually wear a suit on a daily basis unlike days of old when every man wore a suit when going out in public. Take a look at some of the photographs from the early twentieth century and see that almost every man was wearing a suit. Look at a photograph of a baseball game from the 1920's and it shows a stadium filled with mens suits.

A mens suit was standard apparel in the early twentieth century. Today however, most men are comfortable wearing casual clothes consisting of jeans, a collarless shirt, and an overcoat that looks like it came from a thrift store. There is no sophistication in casual wear unlike there is in a mens suit.

Men who wear a fine suit stand out from the crowd which is not hard to do since few men don a fine suit and choose to wear whatever is convenient. The man who wears a fine suit made of luxurious wool will have instant respect wherever he travels. Some studies show that a man in a fine suit will get better service at a restaurant because servers expect a larger tip from a man in a suit.

Some believe that as people stopped caring about their apparel that the crime rate started to go increase. Some people believe that ever since public schools stopped enforcing dress codes that violence in schools have increased. A man who cares enough to dress well demonstrates respect for himself and for others.

A man who dresses as if he picked his jeans and pull over from off his bedroom floor demonstrates little respect for himself and ultimately for others. Some might argue against what they call the strictness of parochial school dress codes but most parochial schools are not featured in the evening news in the violence in schools reports. Some believe that if homeless person was given a fine suit of clothes to wear that homeless person would have higher self esteem.

People with high self esteem have more confidence than people with low self esteem. The man wearing a fine suit will have more self confidence than the man who is jeans and a pull over even if the man with jeans is better educated and has more money in the bank. There is an old saying that says clothes make the man and it is true today as it has ever been.

A man can buy a suit off the rack or he can have one custom made. There is nothing wrong with wearing a suit off the rack but there is nothing quite like a custom made suit. The custom made suit fits the man perfectly but of course is more expensive than a suit off the rack.

Many people believe that if suits for men were the standard apparel as they were in early twentieth century that there would be less crime because people would have more respect for others. The suit says a lot about a man. The suit says that the man cares about his appearance and that the man has a high opinion of himself.
by Adrianna Noton
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