Baskets And Bins OrganizersBaskets And Bins Organizers

Baskets and bins organizers are simple storage compartments that are constructed of 12 gauge steel frames. Powder coated black; they are an attractive and highly practical addition to any area where storing smaller items can be of benefit to employees or students. They offer not only the ability to store things, but to also organize things, which is why we see them used in so many educational and professional applications.

Basket lockers like we are talking about here are used in art supply and hobby stores to keep supplies behind the counter. These are usually paints, glues, and brushes that artists routinely purchase. Having these items readily at hand on demand helps increase sales and also offers the customer a much easier and more personal customer experience than would otherwise be had if he or she had to run all over the store looking for a small item.

Whereas this is a matter of convenience and courtesy in the art supply and hobby world, it is something of a matter of necessity in the garage world. Many places where vehicles are worked on have only limited wall space for merchandise. Baskets and bins organizers are really the only way to store basic parts and supplies.

Auto parts stores with built-in warehouses may want to consider basket locker organizers as a storage tool for their entire selection. The most sought after items can be organized and stored behind the counter for the sake of customer convenience and quick and ready sales. The entire inventory behind the glass can also be organized in storage bins.

Basket lockers are 13 inches deep and measure 40 inches wide by 31 inches high. This is plenty of room to store larger engine parts and auto supplies. The advantage to using basket lockers is that each unit can store individual parts in bulk that are labeled by part number.

Recreational facilities also rely on locker baskets and bins organizers to give their clients a convenient, personal storage area for clothing and valuables. Security comes in the form of a hasp that can accommodate personal combination locks or padlocks that customers bring from home or that the facility provides.

In warehouses, where large items are stored on big racks, and where pallet shelving takes up tremendous sections of the vertical cube, there is often confusion over where to put very small items. Again, locker baskets and bins storage units make it possible to devote a negligible amount of floor space to these items and to organize them with a level of efficiency similar to a file cabinet.

Finally, basket and bins organizer lockers are ideal for kids in grade school. There is something very personal and fun to children to have their own locker storage area right there in the classroom. It is a highly effective teaching tool as well, because encouraging students to put lunches, toys, and cell phones into their baskets and bins organizers and keep them there until instructed to do so helps them segment play time away from learning time.
by Patricia Holland
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