Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

Early childhood education is an integral and make or break deal for most parents. It is important for several reasons, but it primarily focuses on the overall output of your child. This means a child that has been exposed to early childhood education is more likely to succeed in life in the future while a child that has not been given an early education might have a higher chance of not getting what they want in the future.

Responsible parents will not want this to happen to their child and because of that it is important to know the basics of early education and how everybody can benefit from it being present in the life of the family.

This article discusses the importance of childhood education. This is perfect for all parents to know. To move on, the first question that parents should ask is what is "Early Childhood Education"?

Early Childhood Education is a term given to formal education that is given to a child from 0 to 8 years of age. This new method of teaching strives to reinforce and help sharpen what the child has already learned from his growing years. It is like positively cramming useful information into the child's mind during these crucial years of growth. These important details and useful tidbits are administered by child specialists using highly stimulating materials such as audio books or through playing and games.

So why is Early Childhood Education important? It is important first and foremost because it strengthens the bonds between the parents and the child, particularly the mom and the baby. It also reinforces the nurturing aspect of parenthood. Early childhood education is important because it helps develop the child in the stage when they are trying to process ideas, concepts and notions, as well as emotions. It is also important since this will pave the way to a brighter future for the child. This also strengthens the need of the child to learn more at an early age.

Early childhood education should be given to every child not only in the United States but also the rest of the world if the world is looking to find a generation of smart kids to lead the rest of the world into a brighter tomorrow.

What are some of the things that encompass early childhood education?

There are several developmental domains involved in early childhood education which is often called the SPICE of life. These domains include Social domains, Physical domain, Intellectual Domain, Creative Domain and Emotional Domain.

Jean Piaget sheds more light on the subject by mentioning four other cognitive development stages that can be related to ECE. These stages are:

1. Sensorimotor Stage
2. Pre-operational Stage
3. Concrete Stage
4. Formal Operation Stages

There are many aspects of Early Childhood Education that has not yet been touched or studied fully, but once these bits and pieces of information has been deciphered and understood fully, infants and kids will stand the chance of getting smarter than the previous generation.
by Nicole Mae Patrick
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Nicole Mae Patrick enjoys writing for Worshipguitarclass.com which offers Christian guitar lessons and guitar fingerpicking patterns as well as a host of additional services.
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