NO Or NO2, That's The QuestionNO Or NO2, That's The Question

All the body building magazines are full of ads about nitric oxide supplements. I thought nitric oxide was a gas and can't possibly be sold in a solid form. So I started to make research about these NO2 supplements. The first thing I learned was this: What I thought to be as Nitric Oxide was in reality nitrous oxide. I mean I started my research, searching for the infamous "laughing gas" which is nitrous oxide N2O. The real formula of nitric oxide is NO without the number 2. You change the places of oxygen and the number 2 and you get nitrogen dioxide. The second thing I learned was that nitric oxide was also a gas and I still had no idea how they sold it in a powder or pill form. Here is how.

This gas is produced in the body and like all chemicals produced in our body it has some precursors. Those substances turn into nitric oxide in our body. So a nitric oxide supplement is basically a chemical that out body turns into nitric oxide. The chemical we take in nitric oxide products is called arginine. In our body, our enzymes break down this amino acid turning it into Nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. It increases the blood flow to the muscles and speeds up the repair process. Of course nitric oxide supplements don't contain only arginine. They may have creatine and substances beneficial for building muscle. It also has some mild side effects. Among those side effects, nausea, diarrhea and feeling of weakness can be counted. However these side effects are directly related to dosage. Therefore if you are going to start using a supplement you must start to take the minimum recommended dose and increase as you go until you get the side effects. Also you must never exceed the maximum recommended dosage. Mostly these dosages are given according to your body weight. While calculating your dosage, don't forget to consider your weight. These pills or powders alone are not enough to build muscle. They only help the body work more and build more in a shorter time. For these supplements to be beneficial, you must exercise regularly. Your exercise must have a strict program and you must follow this program to the letter.

After NO became very popular, the producers must have thought that it is not enough. So they started to sell nitric oxide supplements or as they advertise their products, NO2 supplements. All different brands and all different types have some different additional compounds in them. To decide which one is better for you, you must try them first. Therefore you must buy bottles that contain the smallest number of pills. Another way to do this is to get together with a few fellow muscle builders and share the contents of different brands. This way, if you are 4 people, you can all have a week's supply of different brands without spending too much money and understand which brand is good for you.
by Joe R. Maldonado
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