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People always complain about not achieving goals and when you ask them what their goals were, they always give vague answers like "I wanted to be successful in business." or "I wanted a better love life." To achieve goals, one must first have solid and specific goals.

Let's first take business success as our first example.

What were your goals? Was it promotion? Was it earning more? Was it working less? Or was it not working at all? You must find definite markers for what you consider business success. If you don't know what your goal is, you can't achieve it. Even if you achieve it you won't notice that.

So you want a better love life. What is lacking in your love life? How exactly did you want your love life to be? Is there a specific person you want or are you looking for someone with specific features? What makes you unhappy and what would make you happy? You don't need an excuse. You don't have to wait for Christmas or Sunday or your birthday. You can sit down any day of the week at any hour and take the first step to achieve your goals which is to determine what they are.

There are different approaches to find your own goal markers. One of these approaches is the negative one. This approach concentrates on eliminating the obstacles. Before starting the determination process you must draw a broad frame to your objectives like business, love or education. For the negative approach, you must write down the things that make you unhappy that are contained in the frame you drew. If your frame was business, you can write the things that make you unhappy like "long working hours", "Tom sitting at the next desk", "long distance between home and work", and so on. Once you determine the sources of your unhappiness you should put them in order of importance. This stage is completely subjective. It is about how you feel not what other people may consider important. Tom may be bothering you more than your low wages. If that's the case you must put the "Tom Problem" higher up in the order of your issues. Solution of the highest three issues are your main goals and the others are the supporting ones. If you don't list something as one of your goals, you don't think hard about achieving it. You must plan solutions to all of the issues and implement your plans one by one. This way when you introduce Tom to that girl from Sweden and they decide to go to Sweden and move in together, you check one of your goals as achieved feeling the sweet taste of success.

The markers in your list show you the way to be successful in the frame you choose. Your frame might be as simple as training your dog and as complicated as earning your first million. Every marker checked successfully takes you one more step closer to achieving goals.
by Joe R. Maldonado
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