Building Self Esteem In Children TipsBuilding Self Esteem In Children Tips

At each stage of a child's life they may find it difficult to build and maintain a positive level of self-esteem. Once they reach their pre-teen and teenage years, peer pressure is high and the challenges of school work and learning new skills can have an effect on self-esteem levels. A child's self-esteem can always use a boost, big or small, so here are some suggestions to help you help your child build healthy self-esteem.

Accentuate the Positive

Celebrate and recognize what a child does right. This is a learning experience for parents because it is natural to point out the things your child is doing wrong. But, no matter how big or small, recognizing the positive in a child's life makes a big impression. Be sure your positive comments are sincere and that you do not go overboard. Children have a way of dismissing what they perceive as insincere compliments no matter how well intentioned.

Celebrate Achievements

You can help build your child's self-esteem by recognizing, supporting and celebrating their accomplishments. Support your child by attending their sports games, music recitals or other activities and compliment them on their efforts. You can always find something positive in what they do. You can also take photos and display them in collage picture frames in your home, which will foster a sense of pride in your child whether or not they acknowledge their feelings.

Teach The Positives of Helping Others

Children learn by example, so if you have experienced the satisfaction of helping others, pass that feeling onto your child. Children by nature are very giving. They just need ideas and opportunities to channel that willingness to help others, whether it is helping an elderly relative, volunteering their time or creating their own unique way of giving to others. Satisfaction from helping others is a great boost to a child's self-esteem. Capturing their efforts in photographs and displaying them in school picture frames or photo albums will make them feel good about what they are doing.

Encourage New Experiences

Encourage your child to try new things, even though it may be stressful at first. A good self-esteem booster is learning new skills and gaining confidence in new abilities and skills. Trying new things, whether a hobby, sport or joining a club, opens up a new world and your child may find a new passion or gain skills that can be used later in life. Encourage and support your child in whatever they choose to do. They may not tell you but it will go a long way in building self-esteem and self-confidence. Don't forget to take pictures of their new found activities and let them display them in picture frames in their room or throughout your home.

When building self esteem in children its critical to start these practices early, so you can increase the likelihood of your children developing good self esteem. So start these tips right away and your child will someday thank you for giving them this life changing view of how they view them self.
by Autumn Lockwood
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