Rocket German Software: Value For Your Money?Rocket German Software: Value For Your Money?

Rocket German is a self-study German language learning course that you can either download or purchase a hard copy of. The Rocket German software comes with an assortment of teaching methods such as an audio course, a PDF course, games, access to a forum and follow-up lessons that will be sent via email for continuous learning of the German language.

The audio component of the Rocket German software consists of 31 courses, each lasting between 15 to 30 minutes. The lessons tackle basic German up to simple German sentences useful for everyday dialogue such as when one is asking for directions or ordering at a restaurant. The audio course is narrated by a native English speaker and a native German speaker. The English-speaking narrator teaches the lessons and asks the listener questions. The German-speaking "friend" is there so you can hear how the German parts are spoken with a genuine accent. The listener or student is encouraged to repeat the words or sentences out loud after him. At the end of the audio course, the lessons are recapped and the narrator poses some questions for the student to answer. The student is given time to answer out loud before the German speaker provides the answers.

The interactive PDF course caters to both the beginner and the advanced learner. The course begins with the basic aspects of the German language and eventually builds up to phrases and sentences that will be useful in everyday discourse. Rocket German's PDF component consists of lessons about reading and writing in German. The student also learns about grammar, verb form, and sentence structure. At the end of each lesson, there are questions for the student to answer.

The Rocket German software also contains three games that can be accessed through the PDF course. These are MegaVocab, MegaVerbs and MegaAudio. MegaVocab teaches vocabulary, MegaVerbs teaches how to conjugate verbs, and MegaAudio teaches comprehension. MegaVocab and MegaAudio are played by matching pictures to spoken or written words while in MegaVerbs, the learner is asked to input the correct conjugation of a set of verbs given the tense and the person.

Rocket German promotes continued learning after the student has finished the audio and PDF components. The course provides two sets of flash cards that can be printed out so learners can play with fellow German language learners. Rocket German also gives learners the option to join a forum where they can ask questions and talk to other German students.

The Rocket German software is worth the price because it will give you good value for your money. It provides a bevy of learning methods. The audio course in itself is enough for a student to learn good German. Then there's the interactive PDF course which gives the student a more comprehensive learning experience. The games, though not as varied as those of other courses, are fun and very useful. Rocket German also encourages you to keep learning and practicing through follow-up emails with additional lessons and a forum that allows you to be a part of the German language learning community. The forum is also helpful if you want to ask questions or just wish to converse with fellow students. The only downsides to this product are the brief moments when you will need to use the English word button and the low quality of some of the images in the Games component. Out of most of the German software available today, Rocket German is one of the best in terms of quality and user-friendliness. Beginners and advanced learners alike will find this course enjoyable and easy to comprehend. The price is not so bad either.
by Sean Goudelock
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