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The French is called the language of romance - which is why there is a clamor for French Software to learn the language better. Perhaps, part of that may be attributed to their music. Songs on chivalry and love became prevalent in the 10th century. And the French opera holds a reputation for being romantic - operatic tragedies or otherwise.

But why learn French?

Next to English, it is the second language most learned as a lot of countries speak it as a first language. It is said to be the official language in around 30 countries and other countries have made it their second language. Should a person chance upon a trip to any of these French-speaking countries, then knowing how to speak French would be an indispensable commodity.

Learning a second language is like learning a wonderful skill. One can use it while visiting French speaking countries, or one may simply consider it a very good advantage in terms of job hunting as most dual speakers bypass the usual monolingual applicant - the boss goes for the multilingual. Always. So while a lot of people may agree on the advantages of learning French, the use of French Software may be an issue of contention for some people.

While some people may argue that nothing still beats learning from a real, live French-native person, the rise of French Software for learning the language is still a good option for most people. In today's busy lifestyle, a lot of people don't have time to learn a second language in a language school. Doing it in the comfort of home is a good deal for most people as they can listen and learn the basics at their own time and pace.

The best French Software for language learning usually possesses these qualities:

- The narrator or lecturer's native language should be French. (There is no point in learning from a half-baked French-speaker - he or she may not be able to get the accents correctly.)

- Some software goes for teaching new words - bit by bit - while neglecting to focus on the grammar basics. While slowly building the vocabulary makes perfect sense, basic sentence construction is easier if the student first learns how it is done.

- Lessons should not be skipped. Each lecture should connect to each other and should be built as a foundation for the succeeding lessons.

- Having a speech recognition program is a great bonus - so is an individual evaluation charted according to your progress.

- Picture association is also an excellent way to slowly build one's vocabulary. Like teaching a baby his first words, it is the easiest way to learn and remember anything.

Learning a second language isn't an overnight event. It entails a great deal of patience and hard work. It is no walk in the park, as a person interested in learning it should be diligent enough to do lots of practice. French Software products can only do so much - the student must also have the willingness to learn and the power to practice speaking it at every chance he gets.
by Sean Goudelock
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