How To Overcome Fear Of Failure In LifeHow To Overcome Fear Of Failure In Life

No one gets to the finish line successfully without passing through the roads of failure. This holds true for many people if not the entire human race. You may refer to the encyclopedia to know the names of people who have failed more than a hundred times before achieving success in their field. It is neither their money nor their charm that helped them gain victory but their ability to overcome fear of failure.

If you were wondering where they take their strength from, they would probably answer, 'experience' which you may be trying to avoid. Failure is a larger than life experience that makes or breaks, reason why you fear it. Some people choose to pull off the road and others keep their hopes up and continue the journey. You may not always see failure coming but the best part is that you tried. You must know too that failure never wins for a determined individual. Like ghosts, they become more empowered when they smell fear.

To overcome fear of failure, careful planning and emotional, physical and financial preparation, is required. In meeting life's biggest challenges, your mind, body and soul should be in tune. Mental and emotional health paves way to positive ideas. Below are additional suggestions on how you can overcome these negative feelings:
Fear of failure is your enemy that you must know well. When you know how it works, you will know how to fight it. But first be ready to face failure once it stared you in the face.

Consider taking the risk. As you may be aware of, there is no guarantee that you will succeed in the first try that is why it is called 'risk'. Remember that when you take the risk, you welcome all the possibilities.
Think about the opportunities and lessons that you will miss when you remain fearful of failure. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must be financially and emotionally prepared so that when it did not work out, you still have a fallback.

Anticipate failure. In anything you do, expect that at one point or another, failure will or may happen. Being prepared for it lessens the burden and even boosts your confidence. Try looking at different areas of your undertaking and turn it upside down before you go. As soon as you have conditioned your mind to this fact of life, you can now move to the next step.

There are many different ways on how to overcome fear of failure but keep in mind that these would not work to your advantage if you refuse to cooperate. Sometimes, you have no options but to accept it. While you think you have everything well planned out, you lose your track and get lost in dilemma. These worse-case scenarios are what you should be really prepared for.

Should you need further help or to be inspired, get help from books and encouraging quotations. These somehow ease you anxiety and remind you of the possibilities that failure is just waiting in the corner as well as success. Acknowledge that both will be present in your journey. The most important thing to come from you first is the strength to overcome fear of failure and success will come to you as strongly as failure did. Failure has always been the price of success which if you are not willing to pay, would collect interest until you lost the enthusiasm to move on.
by Chris Carter
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