How To Earn Extra Cash Online With Video SharingHow To Earn Extra Cash Online With Video Sharing

The Web is not only a great research place but also a great place to make money online. One way to make money online is video sharing that is posting video on the web for people to view. In fact videos are one form of internet media that has gained much popularity on the web today. Websites such as Youtube and Break dedicated to online video content sharing are so famous worldwide that they no longer need to be presented. Online videos are watched by internet users around the world. If you want to launch your own video service or post videos on websites, you may then find these few things useful for your success.

First of all, you must have the appropriate equipment. The things you'll need are a good quality camcorder and a USB Cable. Your PC or MAC may already have software such as Windows Movie Maker or Apple's iMovie incorporated which will help you make great mini-videos. Next, to keep users coming to your website and incite more and more users to watch the videos you have posted, you must ensure that you always have great video content.

Some people amuse the world with their unmatched sense of humor while others such as musicians and singers are full of talent. The advantage with the web is that you can reach many people at one time and with such exposure, you can get great success. Do you know that the young Justin Bieber before becoming a pop star began by redeploying videos of himself singing and playing musical instruments on the internet? This is the way he was observed by Usher and obtained a recording contract which paid off.

However, don't get into the illusion that you'll enjoy the same success of Justin Bieber unless you get a record deal. It is better that you take a more predictable approach that is advertising your videos. It is important that you name your videos appropriately and describe clearly what online users are going to see. Lastly, submit quality videos to the engines frequently so that they know you are a serious person.

Here are some websites where you can register and post you videos. You can make extra cash on REVVER by posting and sharing your videos. REVER will advertise your videos and you get 50/50 share of the money that the video generates. You can also post and share videos on BUZZShed. All you will have to do is to inform the website about your interests and indicate the minimum amount of money you want to receive. When an advertiser posts a video that coincides with your profile, you will get paid. Another video sharing website is Blip TV. However, it is more a professional video website and is more dedicated to shows or episodes.

If you have a video website, you can host it with cirtex. For more information, you may want to visit the cirtex review blog. Before uploading your videos, you might need to compress them and make sure your videos comply with the rules of the websites.
by Mike Gates
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