Bedwetting Diapers Answer This ProblemBedwetting Diapers Answer This Problem

It is natural for babies to urinate every two hours. However, if your child is already a toddler, bedwetting diapers will be able to help keep the bedsheets and blankets dry. It is normal for toddlers until the age of 3 to still urinate even at night time therefore they need to wear diapers that comfortably fit them. These diapers should not have leaks so that the urine will not slip through it. There are diapers that are hypo-allergenic thus preventing rashes to occur. Choose diapers that have cloth-like materials so that your child will be comfortable in his sleep.

Children who are 4 years old and above who still wet the bed during sleep should be understood instead of punished. Children have not yet mastered controlling their urination during bedtime so parents must understand them. When they reach the age of 5 or more, they will stop this habit. If your child still wets the bed at the age of 7, you may get medical advice if it really bothers you and your child. Your pediatrician will then give you a treatment or a plan on how to stop bedwetting.

As you try out the methods and treatment given by the doctor to control bedwetting diapers should be used by your child. Using a diaper will still ensure of a fitful sleep and clean sheets. Bigger kids urinate a lot more than little babies so have an extra-absorbent diaper with you. There are a couple of brands in the market that promise sturdiness even after four or five times of wetting. A diaper a day keeps a baby asleep throughout the night.

At home, you can also try some methods to help control your child's bedwetting habit. Before he goes to sleep, make sure he does not drink as much liquid as he does during the day. It is said that after 3pm, kids should not drink too many fluids, chocolate drinks, juices and the like. During dinnertime, he can drink water because this is necessary for everyone. Encourage your child to urinate in the toilet before going to sleep at night.

Some parents would also wake their child up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and urinate. If you establish this routine regularly, your child will get used to it and will wake up on his own during nighttime to go to the bathroom. He will learn the advantage of this which is to be dry and clean. In going to the bathroom, make sure there are no harmful objects along the way so as not to endanger him. It would be better if there is a bed lamp in his room that should be kept on in the evenings.

As your kid grows bigger, he will be able to control his bedwetting throughout the night and will urinate when he wakes up in the morning. But while he is still on this habit, bedwetting diapers are the solution for the mean time.
by Sean Goudelock
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