Set The Stage With Good Curb AppealSet The Stage With Good Curb Appeal

The Regina Real Estate Market can be very competitive, so it is important to have good curb appeal. Curb appeal is the overall impression that your home creates when viewed by a potential buyer. It is the quality that gets buyers' thinking about your home as their home. As soon as a potential buyer sees your home, they will begin creating an emotional connection, be that good or bad, with your home. A buyer begins to form a picture in their minds. Could I live here? Can I maintain my current lifestyle in this home? How much work do I have to do? After viewing a home that looks cared for, on the outside, they will want to move inside. Be sure to consider the following areas when enhancing your curb appeal.


Chipped or peeling paint detracts from your home's appearance. An inexpensive paint job, including front door, fence, shutter and other surfaces can significantly enhance your home's appearance and value. Choose a neutral color that matches the brick, siding, fence or trim of your home.


Mow and edge your lawn. Repair any unsightly patches. Trim trees and shrubs. Replace old pots with new ones. Water flowers. Store garden tools in the garage or basement.


Hose down sidewalks and driveways. Clear any clutter. Store any toys, sporting equipment or bicycles, neatly in the garage or basement. Remove stray weeds from adjoining lawn areas.


If possible hose them down, along with the siding and sidewalks. Remove any leaves or debris. If they're damaged or loose, repair them.


Complete any repairs to these areas. A fence that looks like it will blow over the in the next strong wind, leaves a bad impression. Be sure to hose down these areas, prior to viewing.


Upgrade any worn or rusted lighting. Warm lighting around your home's exterior creates an inviting appearance. Even a smaller home can appear cozy with the correct lighting.

Finishing touches

Put out a new, inexpensive welcome doormat. Clean any outdoor furniture and replace old and worn cushions. If you have a pet that lives in the backyard, be sure to advise your Regina Real Estate Agent in advance. Even better, arrange for pet boarding when showing your home. When you pay attention to the curb appeal of your home will likely spend less time on the market. Uncompleted repairs could lengthen the time needed to sell your home. The first impression that a buyer makes of your home is important. It sets the tone for the rest of the walk through. When your prospective buyer falls in love with the exterior, he or she will anticipate an equally appealing interior. With good curb appeal, you are issuing a personal invitation: "Welcome. Come on in."

In order to sell, you need to put your home's best foot forward here are some things to keep in mind on how to sell your neighborhood as well.
1.Location - Is your neighborhood close to the lake or the ski hill? Does it have sweeping views? How far is it to downtown? To the mall? Does it have a reputation (good or bad)?
2.Amenities - Are there stores, pubs, gas stations, restaurants and other services nearby that could help with the appeal of your home? How about recreational opportunities including outdoor and indoor activities nearby?
3.Family Friendly - Is the neighborhood family friendly? Does it have a park? Is there a school nearby?
When people begin their search for a new home, they often have ideas about the location where they want to live. Whether they have preconceived notions of a neighborhood, or they are looking for something close to school or work, they may already think they know where they want to live.

That being said, there are a variety of other neighborhoods that could suit their needs, if only they knew. By selling the features in your area, as well as the features of your home, you may be able to take advantage of home buyers that are looking for certain ideals in a neighborhood as well.

When buyers are looking for a home, their Realtor may begin showing them other homes in their price range in other similar locations in order to find the perfect home. This is why when you list your home, you need to not only show off the home itself, but its surrounding area.
by Arad
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