Multi Color LED Christmas LightsMulti Color LED Christmas Lights

Even though multi color LED Christmas lights seem like they have been around forever, they are still fairly new when it comes to decorating for the holidays. In the late 1800's, the invention of pigmented illumination was discovered, but they were not light-emitting diodes, or LED for short which last longer, require less maintenance, and use less energy than the incandescent ones. Multi color LED Christmas lights are seen everywhere, from small trailer parks, all the way to the White House.

This state of the art luminosity comes in two varieties, hued and white. They also use plastic covers for them instead of glass like the older models. A chip, rather than the glass cover, determines the variety of hues. The cover may help influence it a little bit, but the hard work is done by the chip.

Because of the improvements used, it is less likely they will have problems with fading. Extremely versatile, these luminous decorations can highlight our homes, Nativity scenes, and other outdoor Christmas decorations.

Something else that is different is the shape of these bulbs. The old models were much bigger and only had one basic shape. Along with the new version came new covers for the bulbs to make them stand out better.

This opens up a whole new world when it comes to shopping for Christmas decorations. You still have your classic flame shaped covers, but now just about any shape you can think of is available. Some styles come in the forms of snowflakes, globes, snowmen, pumpkins (for Halloween), or even Santa Claus himself.

Multi color LED Christmas lights give off a more intense and vibrant array of hues that the incandescent bulbs cannot. Blue is the dimmest of the incandescent bulbs, whereas the diode blue is the brightest.

When this type of holiday decor came around, they were not as bright as their predecessor. Over time that has changed, leaving you spellbound by their vibrancy. Whatever your preference, you can purchase those that resemble the old incandescent style, or get the kind with a more pure and vivid glow to it.

Just like anything you buy on the market today, there are some products with great qualities, and there are some that are of a lesser quality. Purchasing the less expensive strands usually means a lower quality. This can lead to a failure to operate in the capacity you were expecting.

The blue ones tend to have this problem more than the others. They are the newest bulbs to hit the stores, making them the most costly. Whenever you have electronic decorations outside, you are taking a risk for a problem to arise.

Moisture is a common enemy to all multi color LED Christmas lights. If the moisture gets into the sockets, then they will not function properly, so make sure you buy lights specifically created for use as outdoor Christmas decorations.

The pros highly outnumber the cons when it comes to using this bright style of Christmas décor around your home. As said in the beginning, the overall durability of the outer casing is by far the best feature. Not having to deal with broken glass is another great benefit of this type of lighting.

The electric bill will hardly be affected due to their energy efficiency. The life of the multi color LED Christmas lights far extends past those we grew up with. So brighten up your holidays and enjoy the festivities with this energy saving type.
by Kelley Wilson
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