Learning Korean Made Easy With These 3 Great TipsLearning Korean Made Easy With These 3 Great Tips

Mainly because it uses an alphabet a whole lot different than our own, named Hangul, the Korean language can be tough to master. Like most languages, however, if you learn how to learn, and then develop a good learning approach, prior to hitting the books, you can actually pick up the language easily and quickly. This article is going to supply you with three crucial tips that you need to follow when mastering the Korean language.

Establish Your Korean Fluency Goals

One doesn't sit down and learn a language. One sits down and learns bits of a language. For example, nearly all language textbooks are separated into sections, such as shopping, eating, family, and transportation. Before you sit back and start learning, determine which section of the language is most significant to you personally. If you are going to Korea to become an English language teacher, your first mission could be to master "classroom Korean." If you're going to Korea on business, start with basic business Korean. If you're traveling, learn about travel phrases. Establish small but significant fluency objectives and your learning will move along rapidly and efficiently.

Get Structure Right From the Start

When studying the Korean language you must have structure. You should first learn to pronounce the characters of this unique and unfamiliar alphabet. After this, you need to acquire an understanding of Korean sentence structure and grammar, which is completely different than it is in English. I know, many people don't think it's necessary to become a grammar expert to speak a second language. In this case, however, trust me. It is imperative that you gain an understanding of Korean sentence structure before you attempt to become fluent in the language.

With a solid grasp of Korean grammar, you can begin to memorize vocabulary words, phrases, and, in due course, complete sentences. Failure to follow this kind of structured method will cause aggravation and very poor learning improvement. Get it right from the beginning, however, and you will advance nicely.

Be Consistent With Your Learning

Consistency is an important component of learning just about any language; studying for five hours one day and then skipping the following four days is not nearly as powerful as learning for one hour every day for five days in a row. This you probably already know. It really is worth noting again, however, because this consistency is particularly important when mastering a language which has an alphabet that is not familiar to you.

This is because you have to not only gain knowledge of completely new phrases and words, but you also have to try to remember how to pronounce a whole new set of characters, characters that you simply can't sound out, as you could if discovering, for example, Spanish.

Final Thoughts

Learning Korean can be challenging, but it does not have to be difficult. Outline your Korean language fluency objectives, build a structured learning strategy, and be consistent with your studies, and you will pick up the Korean language easily and quickly.
by Ryan Wiley
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