Online Auctions Are Great, Especially With A Twist!Online Auctions Are Great, Especially With A Twist!

Visit ArrowOutlet! A stand-out among other online auctions, it offers an exciting new approach to bidding and winning popular products that are hot right now. Unlike other online auctions, every item starts at or at less than $1, and bid increments are as small as one penny.

Its products range from pillows and trash cans to digital cameras, Ray Bans, Samsonite luggage and fine watches all the way up to flat screen televisions, Nooks, iPads and iPods. Unlike other online auctions, everything is new -- never used or refurbished. It also offers loads of gift cards for gasoline and stores like Kohls,, Best Buy and Walmart.

Plus, ArrowOutlet offers multiple ways to bid on and win the products you covet the most. First you register - its free -- and then buy bids, which are sold in "packages" of 40, 80, 100, 400, and 1000 bids.To get bids at bargain prices, you can also bid on bid packages. In addition, they offer "Spin for Bids," that gives you the chance to win bids worth up to a whopping 3000 times their value.


ArrowOutlet offers an abundance of information on bidding and using the site. After you register, it walks you through the process, step by step. Also look at the quick tutorial, the FAQ page, and read the valuable strategy guide before you begin. In addition, read the Site News page at, which has a wealth of solid strategy information. The ten or twenty minutes you spend doing your homework are well worth it.

Any time during the bidding process, you can opt to buy the product immediately at a discounted price. If you bid, be aware of other bidders and use the "Strong Bidder Rule," which means: come on strong and aggressively in your bidding. But don't fall into the trap of being intimidated by others who are doing the same thing -- online auctions can bring out the sharks among us. Also, bid quickly after other people bid - don't wait, and don't sit it out until the last five seconds, which looks weak to aggressive bidders who will come on strong to scare you out of bidding.


ArrowOutlet's many features also set it apart from other online auctions. Aside from the "Spin for Bids" feature, try the easy-to-use "Bid-O-Matic" feature. You can set it on autopilot, and it makes your bids for you. Just set your minimum and maximum prices, and click "go." Even better, to keep other bidders from seeing a predictable interval between bids, it bids at unpredictable intervals between 5 and 15 seconds.

With its "Level Up" feature - a fun, exciting feature that other online auctions don't have -- earn points and free prizes. The more you bid, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the higher you "level up" to plateaus. Then, every bid you make is worth more points. And then the prizes become more valuable!

Prizes in the "Level Up" feature include four choices: an gift card, credits towards bid packages, and a grab-bag prize. If you take the grab bag, you "spin" to land a prize. If you don't like the prize, no problem. Wait until you level up to the next plateau or redeem it for the fourth choice: the grab bag's value in bid credits. All prizes are shipped for free.

Like other online auctions, ArrowOutlet also has a "Buy It Now" feature. If you've already begun bidding and want to go ahead and grab the goods, use the "Buy It Now" feature. But the difference with ArrowOutlet is that you get credit for bids you've already made, which result in a discounted price for you.

If you're new to online auctions or ArrowOutlet, it offers a beginner auction. You learn the ropes with little at risk, and it points out, people who win in their first auction are 70 percent more likely to win other auctions.


ArrowheadOutlet recommends you start small. Starting big is the biggest mistake new bidders at online auctions make. Plus, less expensive items have fewer competitors. If there are many competitors, consider walking away. Also, it's a good idea to wait before jumping in; let someone else start the bidding.

Risk Free!

Your first bid package at ArrowOutlet is 100-percent, fully refundable. The company pledges to ship orders quickly and that they will arrive exactly as they appear on the site. And you won't find that at with other online auctions.
by Chickie Maxwell
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Have A Great Time With Online Auctions!
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