Facts About Metal WorkFacts About Metal Work

If you will look around, you will surely see a lot of metal work. The jewelleries that people wear may be a product of metal work. The car that they drive may also be a product of metal work. Your house may also be full of things that are made from metal work.

Since 700 BC, people were already using metals. It is also during this period that metal started to be used for art. Metals have also been used to create tools for farming, hunting, building, etc. Different ages or era have also been named after different types of metals. It is mainly because of the prevalent use of metals during these eras. At present, we have some periods that we call Bronze Age (3300 BC to 400 BC), Iron Age (1300 BC to 200 AD) and Copper age (7500 BC to 3300 BC).

Metal work is of different types. The types mainly depend on the process involved. Some of these processes are sand casting, shell casting, wax casting and die casting. Sand casting involves creating a mould using a sand mixture. The molten metal will then poured onto the sand mould. Second, shell casting is much similar to sand casting. However, there is a little amount of resin added to the mixture used to form a mould. Third, moulds can also be made from wax resulting to the process termed wax casting. This technique is used for over 5,000 years ago to create firearms, weapon, jewelleries and many other things. If wax casting is an old type of metal work, die casting is new. It uses air pressure to shape the metals. The technique is best for metal works that requires detailing in a great extent. However, it is not good for metal work involving large pieces.

Metal works have proved to have many functions. Metal works are involved in creating the most detailed and finest jewelleries. It is also used to create decorations. It is also used to create the vehicles that people use such as cars, motorcycles, airplanes, ships and bicycles. Metal work has a great function to people's everyday lives.

There is a wide variety of metal working tools. They can be small or large. It all depends on their function. Most metal working tools are used under extreme temperature. They must be heat resistant enough.

Small metal working tools include tongs, pliers and forceps. These small tools are usually placed in ultra hot furnaces where metals are shaped and formed. Other metal working tools include abrasives, files, measuring tools, marking tools, cutting tools and welding tools.

Metal work has been part of people lives since 7500 BC, which is the start of Copper age. At present, metal work is used to create different kinds and sizes of items that people use in their everyday lives. There are many types of metal work. There are also different kinds of casting used for metal works. The type of metal work done is based on the kind and purpose of metal item to be created. Lastly, metals cannot be created with ease without tools that vary in sizes.
by John Schofield
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