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Metal work is increasing in popularity for the past years. Young and old people have started to recognize how metal can be used in art. In fact, metal art works are now considered as a precious form of art with its products being showcased in various public establishments. However, metal work is not only used for art. If you would look around you, you will see many forms of metal work comprising a building or a vehicle. Even small items in your house might have complex metal work.

Steps of Metal Work
Metal work involves different steps. The main steps are known as cutting, joining (welding) and forming (shaping). These steps are done whilst considering where the metal will be used afterwards.

Measuring is accompanied by marking. These are important steps in metal work. They are a very simple procedures but they should be done correctly and accurately to avoid mistakes in the latter parts of the metal work process. What you need for measuring and marking are tape measure or calliper and some kinds of marker.

The next step is to cut the metals. There are many different types of metal cutting procedures namely filing, drilling, milling and grinding. Drilling is the metal cutting procedure used when you simply need to cut a hole through the metal. Whilst drilling is very simple, milling is a very complicated metal work procedure. It involves removing irrelevant materials and reshaping the metal afterwards.

Other steps that are involved in a metal work are welding, soldering, casting, shaping and finishing. Again, the steps used for the metal work depends on the type of metal piece you want to produce.

Equipments and Tools for Metal Work
There are some equipment and tools that are necessary when engaging to metal work. They vary in complexity. It can be a simple hand held tool or t can also be a huge machine.

The prices of equipment and tools that are used for metal work vary in uses and sizes. Thus, there are also variations in the price. However, one can definitely get a good metal work tool and equipment at a very reasonable price.

For marking in the metal work process, you may use carbide-tipped scribers. They are better than the usual kinds of markers used for paper and wood surfaces.

For cutting, one may use regular metal drills. Coolants are usually used to decrease the friction after drilling. They can also add protection on the surface of the metals. Since milling is a complicated procedure, a more complex tool than a metal drill is used. There are manual and digital milling machines.

Products of Metal Work
Metal work is very useful in creating different things that we use every day. It is involved in manufacture of a small car to a big airplane. A great part of buildings like the roofing may also be created using metal works. You can also take a look at the things in your house. A candleholder may be a product of metal work.
by John Schofield
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