Good Reasons To Get A Masters Degree In Early Childhood EducationGood Reasons To Get A Masters Degree In Early Childhood Education

It is no secret that the further you take your education, the better you will fare in your career. There are a multitude of reasons that someone would want to get a masters degree in early childhood education. Preschool children learn in a much different way than other age groups, so this is one area of specialty that requires particular focus.

1. Greater level of education:

Of course, that one seems obvious, considering that a master is a higher degree than an associate or a bachelor's. However, one of the reasons that an educator would choose to go into a master program is that there is a more inclusive course-load. MS degree programs in early childhood education will delve more deeply into child psychology, family engagement and other aspects.

Pursuing MS in early childhood education will also help you to continue to learn more techniques for dealing with the career specific situations you may find yourself faced with, on all stages of your career.

2. Broader range of career prospects:

Supervisory jobs that you may want to work your way into will require a graduate degree. It is also the next logical step towards furthering your educational career if you want to grow. There will be career options in areas even outside of education, such as social work.

Other options may include deeper government work, such as working with educational policy and more. Associates degrees and Bachelors degrees are great first steps and they certainly can be an excellent place to hold your career. However, if you are interested in growing and furthering your career, a master's is definitely the way to go.

3. Flexibility:

This degree not only broadens your career prospects, it can also make a vast difference in what you are able to do with those prospects. For many, it can mean branching out into other areas of early childhood education specialty, such as special education or working with larger groups of children, or working in an administrative capacity.

Additionally, with competition in the education fields growing more all the time, having MS will give you a wider variety of choices, as opposed to those contemporaries that may not have such an extensive education.

4. Greater Salary Range:

According to the US Department of Labor, those with an associates or bachelors can expect to bring in anywhere from $23,000 to $40,000 per year. However, those with a master degree may be able to expect to see an annual salary of often, greater than $60,000. Because this is a specialty, there are usually incentives in place. You won't typically see those incentives in private education; however, public education does often have a salary ladder that indicates a graduate degree will improve your yearly salary.

5. Greater Level of knowledge To Hand Down:

One of the most frequently cited benefits for obtaining a master's in early childhood education is that the teacher can then pass that level of learning down to their students. By gaining a more in depth education in a variety of areas, an educator who furthers their education can then expect to be able to pass both the knowledge but the techniques on to the students.

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by Kenneth Echie
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