Anti-Wrinkle Creams: Reasons To Choose Them Over BotoxAnti-Wrinkle Creams: Reasons To Choose Them Over Botox

You must be familiar with Botox as one of the most popular anti aging treatments in recent times. However, it is certainly not the ultimate solution when it comes to treating your wrinkles and aging skin. Infact, Botox has truly been proven less efficient when compared to anti-wrinkle creams available in the market. But before we divulge deeper into the topic, let's get to know about Botox and anti-wrinkle creams in a better manner.

Botox is mainly a type of injection that contains a small diluted amount of a toxic solution produced by the bacteria named Clostridium Botulinum. This particular toxin typically works on your facial muscles and tightens it, so that it can readily erase the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. On the other hand, anti-wrinkle creams are mainly cosmetic products, which are available in a cream or lotion form that works towards reducing the collagen damage of the skin, in order to fight skin aging and wrinkles. In either way, you can get better looking, younger skin. But still, anti wrinkle creams are a better option in comparison with Botox.

Here are a few good reasons why Botox is not worth a try:
• When Botox is concerned, the use of it on facial area is restricted and only a limited portion of your face can be treated with it. On the contrary, anti wrinkle creams can be easily applied all over your face, thus providing greater result by treating each and every wrinkle on your face.

• One of the major drawbacks of Botox injections is that no matter how effective it is, you are still being injected with some of the deadliest neurotoxins. Thus it poses greater risks of serious side effects and allergies. However, anti wrinkle creams do not really contain such toxic substances, which can be truly harmful to your skin. Some of the best anti wrinkle creams are mostly made out of natural ingredients, which are certainly safe for your skin.

• Another major negative effect of Botox is that it gives rise to more wrinkles and fine lines around the injected area, instead of reducing it.

• One of the most significant side effects of Botox is that it can certainly damage the nerves and skin on your face. However, anti wrinkle creams, which are clinically proven and suggested by an experienced dermatologist, are certainly a safer bet for you.

• Botox doesn't fight all the problems related to skin aging, as it is only effective against wrinkles. Other signs of aging such as blemishes, dark spots, discoloration, etc, will remain at their places even after your Botox treatment. But, this is certainly not the case with anti wrinkle creams. Besides reducing wrinkles and fine lines, it also treats other skin problems caused by skin aging.

• If you have chosen Botox, then one of the major disadvantages of this treatment is that you have to undergo this treatment every 4 to 6 months, which may cause permanent damage to your skin and nervous system. However, as far as anti wrinkle creams are concerned, they will certainly not damage your skin even after prolonged usage.

• Last but not least, if you compare the prices of Botox injections with that of the most expensive anti wrinkle creams available in the market, you are bound to think seriously about switching to these creams instead of Botox. Every Botox injection will cost you around $700 to $900, which sums up to around $1500 to $2000 a year. On the other hand, some of the best anti wrinkle creams available in the market won't cost you more than $100. Thus, if you switch to wrinkle creams then you will surely be receiving great value for money.

If you carefully think over these reasons, then you will surely find anti wrinkle creams to be a far better and safer anti-aging solution than Botox.
by Anthony Sherman
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anti wrinkle creams can be easily applied all over your face, thus providing greater result by treating each and every wrinkle on your face. Click here for best anti wrinkle creams
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