Start A Social Network With Your Shared Calendar!Start A Social Network With Your Shared Calendar!

There are many social networks out there today. It seems like everyday there is a new one popping up. I do not know about you but I have heard many terrible stories of scams that have been caused by lack of security and common sense linked to social networks such as facebook and myspace. Just to think that your profile, no matter how tight you have the security can be publicly viewed by anyone. Also with advanced search tacticts you can search people on a social network within any geographic location. So just anyone in your area could look people up, maybe befriend them and then scam them. I heard of a story who got robbed because they had mentioned on facebook they were going on vacation. The person who did this did not know them or anyone of their friends on facebook. While times are tough, you are going to see more and more scams come from the likes of social networks, it is just to easy.

There are many calendars to choose from on the internet. Here are a couple things you should look for before choosing one. The first thing you should look for is if the calendar website is free. Most of them are free, but there are some out there that actually charge a fee. The next thing you should look for is to see if it is a calendar you can share with others, not just an individual calendar. The next thing you should check for are the options it allows you to do. For exmaple, not all shared calendars allow you to share photos and messages with your group portion of the calendar. These are all important to check out before you take the time to set up your calendar.

Once you have started your shared online calendar. Look for everyone you want to be part of your calendar. An example would be your family. Simply email everyone you want to be in the calendar and wait for them to reply. It is simple, they get an email and once they set up at the website they already are part of the group you invited them to be in. Once people are in the group you can give them permission to invite others or not. That is a great feature especially if you have a family memeber who has questionable friends they might invited to the group.

A great feature of most shared online calendars is that it will send you an email message or phone text when an upcoming event is scheduled. This is helpful because you do not have to stress out about forgetting anything important. This will help you focus and make better decisions in life. I have shown you some of the many benefits of using a shared calendar not only to organize your life, but also as a social tool in your life. Start yours today and get with the program!
by Stephen Tong
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Convenient Calendar is a cutting edge shared calendar that is taking online calendars into the future!
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