A Secret To Wealth Creation: Energy And Energy DeregulationA Secret To Wealth Creation: Energy And Energy Deregulation

We see wealthy people on the news or some financial interview all the time. Reason being is that we want their formula or secret to how they have created their wealth and continue to make their wealth. We all are interested in that because we want to do what they do, or at least try.

So what is the secret the deploy on a daily basis to create the wealth they have and continue to enjoy?

Well one of the secrets of wealth creation is market or industry analysis. More specifically, they are on the hunt for emerging market trends.

Identifying these emerging market trends allows them to begin to position themselves to reap the benefits of income and wealth as that market trend gains in growth.

You see, there is the well known statistical, graphical interpretation that goes well with this topic. That is the Growth or S Curve.

The Growth or S Curve is universally accepted as a chart of many topics such as mathematical, financial
product and even biological. Take human life for instance, we are born. We learn to crawl, then walk, and each step of the way we are growing bigger and bigger. Then we become teenagers, then young adults, then adults, then we start to age. Become senior citizens and then we pass. That is the S curve or growth curve of human life.

And to other biological organisms, it is the same pattern. It might not be with the time frame of decades as with humans, but the curve is the same.

You can use the Growth Curve in financial analysis as well. Take stocks for instance. You have heard the adage to buy low and sell high. Well that is the S curve of growth of that stock.

Now when it comes to market analysis, the growth curve remains in tact when looking at an emerging trend. What the wealthy know is that when they spot an emerging trend, they know for a fact that that trend will follow the growth curve. So they instinctively know that they have to position themselves at the beginning of that trend and wait for it to emerge to the public.

They know that when it becomes known to the public that this trend is growing, that is the sweet spot of creating wealth. This phase is the exponential growth phase of the growth or S curve and where wealth is created. This is what is about to happen with energy and energy deregulation.

Energy deregulation is one of the trends that lies inside of the market of energy. And the wealthy have their eye on the energy market. Case in point is Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Earlier this year, they both went to Canada to review the process of using oil shale to create oil which is used to make everything from gasoline to fertilizer to clothes. This is a way to tap into other sources of oil, energy.

At a CNBC Town Hall Meeting called "Keeping America Great", where they both were panelist. Bill Gates was asked, what industry would produce the NEXT Bill Gates? His reply was....ENERGY.

In A Forbes Magazine interview, Warren Buffet was asked about energy deregulation. His response was that it would be the greatest transfer of wealth in out lifetimes. Sure it can! With a market capitalization of $500 Billion a year in the US alone, that is a fortune to transfer to anyone who has an entrepreneurial mind set and wants to capture and harness that emerging market trend.

With their statements, energy and energy deregulation is an emerging market trend that should be kept an eye on.
by James P Thomas
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