Important Processes In Metal WorkImportant Processes In Metal Work

Art has been expressed in so many ways using different materials, among which is metal. Whatever it is that an artist is working on, experience and efficiency still plays an important role in finishing an artwork. These are the same basic requirements in metal work. Everything that involves working with art is precious because art in itself is precious.

Popularity of Metal Work
Metal working has become increasingly popular with time. Today, it is recognised as among the most brilliant artistic expressions. However, metal work is not only available in the arts but it is also popular among different areas like jewellery making, outdoor decoration, and ship building. More artists are also becoming interested in this area in the arts.

Steps in Metalworking
There are several important steps that are involved in metalworking. For anyone who is interested in this field, knowing these steps is already a good introduction to metal work. Some steps use tools or equipment to help execute a process. There are equipment which are simple while others are complex, based on what is necessary. These tools though are expensive but there are stores and times when they are available with a discount. Here are some important steps in metal working:

• Measure or marking. This is the first step done before cutting or joining anything. In this part, you are basically taking measurements of the metals that you are going to use. This is a simple procedure that uses a tape measure or a calliper. Marking uses other tools like carbide-tipped scriber. Punching, on the other hand, uses quality air punch. These tools can be found in stores in the metal working section.

• Metal cutting. There are different types of cutting processes that can be done by metal cutting tools. Some of the common cutting processes are turning, milling, drilling, filing and grinding.

• Drilling. This is a form of cutting process in metal working that can also be easily executed. This is required to drill an outlet or a hole in metal. To avoid too much friction and heat from the process of two metals rubbed against each other, you can introduce the use of coolant. This can be used on the surface of the metal and the tool used for drilling.

• Milling. Compared to the other mentioned steps above, this is quite complicated. This is done to shape the metal up into something in your design after removing all unnecessary parts of the metal. This process uses milling machinery which can be operated manually or digitally using the numerical control on the computer.

• Turning. This is another metal working process that uses a lathe or mini-lather. This is useful in helping spin the metal that you are working in. The process can be used to create various things out of metal, anything with rotational symmetry. Turning can be used to create baseball or candlestick holders.

Importance of Knowing Metal Work Steps
Knowing the important steps on how metal work is done can give you a glimpse of how hard the artist needs to work to make things out of metal. From that basic material, an artist can come up with different objects.
by John Schofield
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