What Type Of Dog Is Best For Your Family?What Type Of Dog Is Best For Your Family?

Choosing a pet is a wonderful family activity, but it is good to know a few things about what you want before you start looking. For instance, if you want a dog, there are a lot of different things to consider before you even begin your search.

One question you should ask yourself is, "how much room do I have?" If you live in a tiny apartment with no access to a yard, you will want to consider a smaller breed dog that will be happy with walks around the neighborhood, and one small enough to feel like your apartment is big. If you bring a big dog into a small apartment and give it no way to let out its excess energy, you will end up with a neurotic dog that may chew your possessions and become very depressed.

Another thing to consider is whether or not anybody in your household is allergic to dogs. Even some people who are not technically allergic to dogs still have sensitivity to dog hair. For the latter, a short-haired dog is best. For the former, you'll need a dog with hypoallergenic dander or with hair instead of fur. A Bichon Frise is thought to have hypoallergenic dander, and with the proper grooming, do not shed, but that proper grooming is necessary to keep the dog safe for people with allergies.

Poodles are also a good option for people with allergies. They have hair follicles that maintain active growth longer than most dogs, which means they do not shed much. Additionally, unlike other dogs, Poodles have no undercoat, which also reduces shedding and dander production.

Poodle mixes such as Labradoodles and Goldendoodles can have similar coat behavior to poodles, and can also be a good choice for a family dog when someone in the family has allergies. The most important thing to remember is that proper grooming is of the utmost importance when people are allergic. Obviously they cannot groom the dog themselves, so a professional pet groomer will need to be factored into the cost of your dog.

Speaking of cost, another thing you must consider is how much you are able to pay for your dog. Some dog breeds can cost over a thousand dollars for a purebred dog. There are plenty of mixed breed dogs that need good homes, so if you do not have allergies to consider, you might consider a dog adoption that will save a dog that might otherwise be destroyed.

Finally, you must consider the amount of activity you're able to offer your dog, and the amount of attention you're willing to give it. A puppy requires a great amount of attention and training, while an older dog might be willing to sit around and watch TV with you.

Remember that when you choose a dog, you're choosing a new member of your family, so choose wisely and remember that the commitment is for life. Have fun choosing your new best friend. A dog can bring a lot of joy and comfort into a home.
by Larry J. Reaves
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