Orthodontic Insurance Explained By Langley Orthodontics ProviderOrthodontic Insurance Explained By Langley Orthodontics Provider

Surrey, BC - Because orthodontic care can be expensive, patients frequently find it beneficial to cover orthodontic charges with dental insurance, says Langley orthodontics provider Dr. Aly Kanani. But it can be hard to recognize which insurance plan offers the best coverage for orthodontic treatment. "When picking a dental insurance plan, it is helpful to ask your orthodontist which insurance he or she takes and recommends," notes Kanani, a Langley dental practitioner.

Orthodontic Component of Dental Insurance: "Many dental plans have some orthodontic coverage, but not all do," warns Kanani, a Surrey dentist. Often dental insurance will not cover cosmetic procedures (like teeth whitening). Since braces are costly and can be used for cosmetic purposes, insurance plans may not reimburse orthodontics at the same rate they offer for other dental treatment. But if you have a serious health condition that can only be fixed with orthodontics, some plans will cover your orthodontic treatment at a higher rate. Other dental plans reimburse all orthodontic care at a flat rate. "If you're selecting a plan, figure out when the orthodontic coverage will be available," recommends Kanani, a Vancouver braces practitioner. Insurance providers want to prevent patients from signing up for insurance only a few weeks before getting braces, therefore plans often will not provide orthodontic coverage until you've belonged to the plan for six months or more.

Orthodontic Supplements: What do you do if your dental insurance does not cover orthodontics? You can purchase supplemental orthodontic insurance. Some traditional dental insurance plans will offer this option. However you can also purchase stand-alone insurance that includes only orthodontic treatment. Sometimes these are not regular insurance plans, but plans that offer discounts on orthodontics services. "While you're choosing a plan, be sure to compare the expenses with the benefits," says Kanani, a Surrey invisible braces specialist. Some of the stand-alone orthodontics insurance plans only pay for 20 percent of the costs. You need to determine if you will come out ahead after you pay the plan's premiums.

Benefits of Orthodontic Plans: Separate orthodontic plans do provide particular advantages. They usually cover all orthodontic treatment, while dental insurance often caps the total amount that is eligible for reimbursement. Additionally, says Kanani, a Langley orthodontist, such plans don't usually need you to wait before using the benefits. "Often, parents and patients are anxious about the expenses associated with orthodontics services," says Kanani, a Surrey Invisalign dentist. "However the right dental or orthodontic plan can be very helpful in offsetting the costs. My patients are usually pleased with their dental insurance. Of course, everybody enjoys saving money!'

About Dr. Aly Kanani, Certified Specialist in Orthodontics, and Partners

Dr. Aly Kanani has a Bachelor's degree from McGill University and received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with a master's degree in Orthodontics and a Specialty Certification in Orthodontics. His team of board certified orthodontists provides quality, patient-focused braces and Invisalign treatment in the Greater Vancouver area.

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by Aly Kanani
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