Tips On Detecting Metals In BeachesTips On Detecting Metals In Beaches

Beach metal detecting is an outdoor hobby that can get you to explore more places as you continue to exercise better. This is only one of the most popular types of metal detecting that you can take yourself. You can enjoy the excitement brought about by the hobby itself and the fact that you are going to the beach too. The other locations that are usually frequented by metal detecting hobbyists are churchyards, schoolyards, parks, war sites, and similar public areas where people used to gather. These are the areas that are rich in buried treasures like old coins, lost jewellery, and other metal items that have long been buried in the ground. The sand in the beaches also offers the same kind of treasures that you need to look for with you metal detector.

If you are new to beach metal detecting, you can certainly use some tips to help you start right:

1. Invest in a special beach metal detector. All-round metal detectors can still give you good finds, but the beach has an environment different from the ones used in the dry grounds. You might not find more valuables, which are buried under wet sands of the beaches. If you want to focus on beach metal detecting, it would be a good idea to invest in a detector for this location alone. Eventually, you might find valuables that can give you the profits that you have been hoping for. Having a rich find is the ultimate goal of many people who engage in metal detecting.

2. Beach metal detectors function just like the regular metal detectors, which is to find buried metal. However, they can work well even if you pass them over the salty water in the beaches. This might not have gone well for regular metal detectors because the salt water has its own electrolytic substances that might throw off the signal of regular detectors. As a result, these regular detectors might not give you reliable readings because it would be harder for them to identify metals from non-metals. A beach metal detector has an option that you can set to focus on finding only true metals.

3. Beach metal detecting usually targets watches, coins, earrings, bracelets, rings, and many other types of jewellery, items that are easily lost by beachgoers. These are quite hard to retrieve and find under the sand without a metal detector. As the real owners leave their valuables buried, it is your metal detector's job to find these metallic items.

4. It is best to go metal detecting in the beach only after most of the beachgoers have decided to go home. This is usually at the end of the day. During this time, you can focus on your hobby without many expectations that someone would bother you.

5. Make sure that you can visit a beach for metal detecting before a shift in the tide happens. This will ensure that you can still find metal items. After the shift, it will be harder to find these items as they are transferred by the tide.

6. Pinpoint the location between the flags and posts of the lifeguards where most people gather.
by John Schofield
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