Email Archiving Software Is Essential For InvestigationsEmail Archiving Software Is Essential For Investigations

London - Robin Bingeman at Cryoserver, an email archiving software system, points out that emails are increasingly becoming an essential part of investigations. Recently, some well-known investigations have emphasized the vital role that emails plays.

For instance, in one recent inquiry, the BBC discovered an email from the Federation Internationale de Football Association (the soccer governing body) Vice President Jack Warner to Football Association Chairman Lord David Triesman which confirms charges of bribery. Warner's email suggests that the FA buy the broadcasting rights to show the 2010 World Cup at football (soccer) stadiums in Haiti. The email states that a business had already bought the rights for $1.6 million (£980,000), but says that Warner could acquire the rights for much less money. FIFA says that it never sold the 2010 World Cup Haitian broadcast rights and that no broadcast rights anywhere were purchased for as much as $1.6 million. With the email as evidence, FIFA added allegations of bribery to an ongoing investigation of Warner's activities.

"Events like this demonstrate the importance of email archival solutions," notes Bingeman of Cryoserver, an email compliance solution. "More and more organizations must review their emails for data or evidence to use in an investigation."

It's not only essential to examine the emails, but you must ascertain that they have not been altered. Frequently people don't realize that emails in your inbox or sent items can be changed even after they're sent. The only method for preserving the email is to use the Cryoserver email archiving and compliance system. Cryoserver provides tamper evident solution that captures emails as they are sent or received and archives them in forensic storage. Once stored, they can't be tampered with or altered.

"Some of our clients have experienced someone in their organization changing emails for their own purposes," notes Bingeman, of the Cryoserver exchange email archiving solution. "However, during the investigation, the customer searched the email archive and could see the original, un-altered email. This feature is an invaluable component of an email archiving appliance."

More and more organizations are governed by rules regarding email compliance. Even those businesses which are not subject to regulations are vulnerable to a lawsuit during which they must present all related documents - including emails and instant messages. Many businesses are legally required to store emails for seven years. And you also need an efficient way to look through them using various different search terms (such as dates, subject lines, senders or recipients). Cryoserver's compliance archiving system will permit you to locate any email quickly and easily.

About Cryoserver
Cryoserver works with various global partners and resellers in a number of markets worldwide. With clients in over 20 countries, the Cryoserver forensic compliance system is the world's leading compliance solution for email and other electronic data.

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by Robin Bingeman
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If you want to know more about Cryoserver email archiving software and how investigations benefit from email archiving appliance you would like to know about compliance archiving please call toll-free (866) 311-1652 in the U.S. or 44(0)800 280 0525 in Europe.
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