How To Earn Big Money, Even In A RecessionHow To Earn Big Money, Even In A Recession

You can't turn on the TV or open a newspaper without seeing another headline about how bad the economy is. That's not just in the United States and Canada. I see the same thing where I live in northern Europe.

Consumers are squeezed between high prices and a poor job outlook. The result is people only buy what they need most, causing things they DON'T need to wait on store shelves.

Yes, people don't buy near as much as they used to, BUT if you have a product or service they truly NEED, you'll get more sales than you can handle.

Recently I looked around to see what if anything I could sell that would literally fly off the shelf due to killer customer demand. That is the sort of thing we saw 15 years ago when I started working the Internet. But you rarely see hot costumer demand for anything THESE days.

Finally one company who is blowing the doors of their industry caught my eye. This company realized that Health Care is the world's new hottest industry. People need it, want it, and (like it or not) are paying BIG BUCKS for it in many countries.

Almost everyone needs good health and most are looking for a cheaper way to get it. This company set sales records when they introduced a truly effective natural supplement that took great strides in promoting good health. Customer ailments were soothed, diseases were cured, word of mouth was overwhelming, and the orders simply flooded in.

I wasted no time in signing up as a member so I could get my share of the action!

But all this served to stress ONE simple way to know if a business opportunity is going to make you BIG MONEY even in a deep, deep recession.

1. You simply MUST have an exceptional product that can grab the attention and imagination of a vast public. There has to be BIG DEMAND for you to make big money.

2. Selling another me-too product that is like what is already in Walmart and other big box stores won't cut it. The product may look good, but it's already easily available elsewhere, likely for a lower price.

3. Check the kind of marketing that is being used to promote the product. I see so much promotion that is over the top hype. It starts out insulting the prospect, then makes them think their only hope for a good life is to buy their poorly described product.

A REAL product won't have to be hyped through the roof. It can be described simply and people will still WANT it, simply because the product clearly satisfies an important need people have.

4. Once you sign up in a program, use the promotion methods over and over again. People don't buy near as much on impulse these days. They have to first see your ad, then think about it, then come back and buy. Sometimes this takes weeks or months. Patience is a huge virtue in a recession.

Use these tips and ideas to make money, BIG MONEY, even in today's sluggish world economy. You can defy the headlines and improve life for yourself and those you love.
by Lars Johan Andersson
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Lars-Johan Andersson is a well-known online entrepreneur in Europe. He specializes in finding outstanding business opportunities, then helping people start making money. Think of him as an insider who is your buddy! See
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