Recycling Tons Of Junked MetalsRecycling Tons Of Junked Metals

There are tons of metals that were junked every year. They may look like trash but there are many things that you can do from these metals or lots of money you can earn from recycling them. In the United Kingdom alone, there are many recycled metals that are exported every now and then. Some are retained in the country to be used in different industries.

One main advantage of metals over other materials used in various products is that it can be recycled many times. If ever the metal reaches the end of it lifespan, it can be used to make a new metal. Most metals can also be mixed with other metals or elements. A metal just needs to be heated and cooled to serve a new purpose. There are many things that can be made using recycled metals. These include house appliances, cars, planes, boats and ships, and buildings.

Two of the most common metals today are steel and aluminium. The steel is usually used for food cans. The aluminium is normally thinner and used for the manufacture of soft drink cans.

Steel and aluminium can be distinguished from each other by using a magnet. The former sticks to magnet while the latter does not. Magnet is widely used in metal recycling centres to easily distinguish metals. Sorting the metals is important when recycling them. They are usually categorized as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The two types of metals need different types of recycling techniques.

The process of recycling starts at separating the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Steel and iron is two of the best examples for ferrous metals. Products that usually make use of these metals include food cans, metal parts of household appliances as well as vehicles and vessels. On the other hand, non-ferrous metals include bottle tops or caps, drink cans, and baking trays. They are usually made from aluminium, copper, nickel, brass, titanium, lead and chromium. These non-ferrous metals are uncommon so they are much pricier than the ferrous metals and recycling them is very important due to the short supply. Ferrous metals are melted and the slag or impurities are removed. The metals will then be shaped into slabs to be used for manufacturing different products. The non-ferrous metals are compressed first before melting. Impurities will also be removed and the metals will be shaped into sheets. Usually, aluminium are used to make cans again.

Although there are centres where metals can be recycled, the British Metal Recycling Association also encourages recycling metals at home. For instance, small metals from old appliances can be used to create metal furniture or a metal artwork.

Recycling metals is important. According to the British Metal Recycling Association, 4.5 million tons of ferrous metals to be recycled are enough to supply the metal work industry. The products are about 6 million tons new products, which can be sold inside or outside the country. In addition, the earth has a limited metal resource so reusing the ones available today is imperative.
by John Schofield
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