Some Simple Guidelines For Creating A Photo PurseSome Simple Guidelines For Creating A Photo Purse

You can make a photo purse out of wood or perhaps cloth. To produce a wood photo purse, put together everything you need, smooth the surface area of a cigar box, crop the images and put them on the box, attach the photographs, and use a protective coat over the collage. With regard to cloth picture purses, you need to prepare the materials, print the photos on heat transfer papers, transport the graphic on to the fabric purse, make the closure for the purse, and beautify the purse.

A Photo Purse isn't just efficient but it can also be a unique conversation-starter at events or get togethers. Depending on your choice, the photo purse can be produced of wood or cloth. Below are the tips to make your own personal photo purse:

Wood photo purses

Get ready all you need

To develop a wood photo purse, you need to have a wooden cigar box which is unfinished, sandpaper, copies of your beloved images, a pair of scissors, adhesive, a sponge brush as well as some water.

Clean the surface of the cigar box

Initially you need to smooth the cigar box through sanding it gently. Remove any abrasive areas and also uneven spots. Following that, clean the surface area with a smooth textile to clean off the saw dust and also other particles.

Crop the photographs and arrange them on the carton

Crop corners from the photos so that they are the ideal dimension. You may also utilize trimming scissors if you wish the photograph's edges to look unequal and more unique. Right after chopping the edges, you could organize the pictures on every side of the box. Be imaginative in your style of the collage.

Place the photos

Once you're certain of the design for your collage, you could put the images to the cigar carton. Create a paste by using similar components of glue and water. Make use of the cloth or sponge brush to apply a thin layer of the glue combination on one part of the carton. Properly place the pictures you want for that section. Repeat this step on the remaining three ends. After all images have been attached, let them dry.

Apply a safety coat over the collages

Brush a light layer of the glue on each collage to offer them a safety coat. Let it dry fully before you apply an extra thin layer. Allow the second layer to dry once again.

Prepare the components

The types of materials you need for making cloth photo purses are duplicates of the images you wish to feature on the purse, heat transfer paper, a cloth purse, two pieces of huge snaps or buttons, flat iron and also ornamental things like beads or ribbons.

Print the photos on the heat transfer papers

Scan the pictures on the pc and print it on the heat transfer papers. Be sure the dimension matches to the dimensions of the cloth purse. Additionally, read the instructions on the transfer paper so you will know the appropriate printing and application.

Transfer the image on to the purse

Once the pictures have been printed on the transfer paper, use them to the fabric purse. Typically, you will have to iron the paper on the part of the bag where you desire the picture to appear.

Create the closure for the purse

For the purse's closure you can either stitch in snaps or utilize buttons.

Adorn the purse

Now you can put finishing details to make the bag more unique. Stitch beads and ribbons on the purse.

Photo purses are great for sharing memories without having to carry bulky photo albums.
by Douglas R. Williams
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