Chickens Raising - What, Why, Where, And WhenChickens Raising - What, Why, Where, And When

When you plan to start up chickens raising, never expect it to be as smooth as caring for your other pets such as dogs and cats. They may seem to be easy to take care of, but chicks really have crucial days on their first month. Raising this kind of poultry might at first be a difficult process. But sure enough that as you go along, you'll probably get used to it.

Perhaps you wonder where you'll start. Here you'll learn about the basic what, where, when, why, and how of raising chickens. Make sure to read them carefully so you have quite an idea.

What the regulations are

You must know the regulations of chickens raising in your state or country beforehand. If you plan to make this business bigger over time, consult some government agencies that provide support for this matter. Perhaps you'll decide to import hatching eggs when the business already starts flowing smoothly. However, it is important that you know the country or state ordinances. There are a few countries that do not allow importing of hatching eggs and there are some that do not allow raising backyard chickens. Search for local chicken laws and ordinances to have a wider set of ideas about raising chickens.

Why raise chickens

Perhaps you wonder why a lot of people are into chickens raising. There are in fact several ideas. First is that they are totally safe to keep. Among other pets like cats and dogs, chicks are not able to harm you, especially the kids. Children might even love to play with them. Another huge factor is the cost. Keeping and maintaining chicks and chickens are inexpensive. All they need are space, good shelter, feeders and vegetations, and water. And when chickens lay eggs, you'll be sure that you get only the freshest which are totally yummy and nutritious.

Where to place them

Chickens raising require spacious land. Even when you plan to keep less than 10 chickens, you have to invest with a wide piece of land. Chicken coops are needed as well as the chicken pens or runs. A floor space with 2 square feet per chicken is the minimum requirement for your coop. better if you'll allot bigger space for each of them. Garden sheds may be revamped into a nice coop. provide a proper ventilation inside the coop to ensure that they have enough air. Runs with 5 square feet per chicken may do. But if possible make it more than 5 so they will have enough space to wander. Nesting boxes are necessary for eggs and chicks so make sure you provide. Place some wood or pine shavings as their padding to avoid cracks with the eggs.

When to get day old chicks or chickens

The best season where you'll find more eggs and chicks is on spring. Finding eggs or day old chicks is not totally hard. You may find a few at some feed stores. There might also be some chicken hatcheries that offer chicks or chickens. It's just a matter of thorough searching to be able to start chickens raising right on.
by Jaber Ghoneim
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For more information on hen house plans, please visit our building chicken coops center.
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