Five Ways To Dramatically Increase Traffic To Your WebsiteFive Ways To Dramatically Increase Traffic To Your Website

If you have a website for your business or maybe your website is your business, the one thing that you need to have is visitors. Without visitors, you won't have a business. So, now that you have created this great website, how do you get people to visit it and purchase your products?

There is no "one" thing that you can do to increase traffic to your site. You must use a number of different strategies to get a lot of people to your site. The purpose of this article is to show you five very effective ways to increase traffic to your website. These five techniques are simple but they are very effective.

The first technique is that you can pay for advertising for your site. The most effective way of advertising is to use Google, Yahoo and MSN. You can pay to have your site listed in the sponsored links sections of Google, Yahoo and MSN. By doing this, your site will appear when a user searches for a keyword phrase. When you pay for advertising this way, you will get traffic to your website almost immediately. You will need to constantly improve and perfect each campaign that you run to maximize the return on your investment or your ROI.

The second technique is to write articles and content for your website. To use this technique effectively, you should check your web logs to see what terms people are using to get to your site and then write articles around these topics, making sure that your articles pertain to the products and services you are selling. You can write the articles yourself or, if you are not a good writer or if you don't particularly like to write, you can outsource this task. Some ways of outsourcing is to use a freelance service like or You could also partner up with someone who would do the writing for you. This would be good experience for someone and would also free up your time to do something else. This is the most effective way of getting increased traffic to your site. One important thing to remember is that you must also write articles and submit them to article directories so that other people can use your articles for their sites
The third technique is to submit your website to the top three search engines; Google, Yahoo and MSN. Submitting your site to these top search engines will definitely increase traffic to your website because the search engines will know that your site exists and will search your site for content to list for their users.

The fourth technique is to partner with someone else on the internet who is selling complimentary products to yours. By partnering, I mean that you can exchange links with these sites to increase your rankings in the search engines. You do need to do your due diligence though and make sure that the sites you are partnering with are reputable. If they are not, that will definitely hurt your rankings.

The fifth technique is to find newsgroups or forums that are relevant to your category or industry and participate in these online conversations. You need to be careful with forums. You want to participate, not sell your products. If you start to participate with advertisements, you will most likely be banned from these sites. Simply answer the questions that people ask you so that people will believe that you are the expert in your field. People will like what you have to say and will visit your website.

The five techniques that I have described above are low cost ways to increase traffic to your website. These are not the only techniques for driving traffic to your site, but they are very effective and will establish your website and you as an expert in your field.
by Catherine Quel
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