Different Kinds Of MetalsDifferent Kinds Of Metals

Metals can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the kind. Generally, they are perceived to be durable, flexible, and sturdy. However, metals can become more distinct in characteristics and properties when they are categorized. Basically, metals vary in temperature tolerance, colours, and other factors.

Kinds of Metals

Iron is considered to be the most useful metal today. In science classes, students are taught that Iron is more tenacious when it has a silver colour. Pure Iron mostly contains carbon, phosphorus, silica, sulphur, and others that provide the different properties Iron possesses. Iron can further be classified into specific kinds such as wrought iron, cast-iron, steel, and others. Zinc is a kind of iron that is characterizes as a bluish and white metal. It is easy to cut and depending on the temperature, it can produce different reactions. It can be found in both pure and combined states. Tin, on the other hand, looks a lot like silver. Tin-foil has been a very common material in every household. Just by referring to how it looks, one can deduce that tin can be hammered down into extremely thin sheets. In Europe, Britain is considered to be one of the major sources of tin. This type of metal can also be combined with others to produce alloys like pewter, soft solder, and others. Lead is known as the softest metal. It can melt even at low temperatures. One of the earliest metals known to man, it is also now commonly used for pipes and utensils. Steel can be forged, tempered, cast, and hardened by heating and cooling.


Alloys are formed when two kinds of metals are combined. While there are metals that are used in their pure forms, there are some that are largely used to produce alloys. Tin can produce type-metal and soft solder because it has a low melting point just like lead, which also forms solders and type-metals. Another metal that can produce alloys is zinc, which can be mixed with copper to produce brass.


By now, it would be hard to enumerate all the particular uses of metals. From buildings to house, to kitchen equipment and gadgets, there practically almost all items can possess elements made of metal. Steel is widely used in buildings and structures. As conductors of heat, metal can be incorporated in food containers. High reflectivity also enables metal to be used as mirrors. Metallic beads and accessories add aesthetic appeal and value to jewellery pieces as well. Inside the house, pipes, doors, and cabinets can be made of metal, too. These days, appliances that are made of metal or steel are deemed to be modern, durable, and valuable. The number of homeowners who prefer metallic appliances is increasing because metal promotes energy-efficiency. Metal is definitely recyclable and reusable.

Basically, metal is considered to be one of the most reliable and durable materials today. With its many applications, its usage encompasses household items to heavy equipment and even lifestyle personal gadgets such as cellular phones and digital cameras.
by John Schofield
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