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Carpenter ants are extremely annoying insects, and many people choose to use Advanced Carpenter Ant Bait to kill them. These household pests, as well as termites and other bugs, can become a problem to many unsuspecting homes in America.

This is a concern that for many who have been infested with these crawling creatures of terror. One insect that has a major impact on families of all incomes is the carpenter variety.

They are known to be very destructive, and Advanced Carpenter Ant Bait is a sure fire way to get them under control and eliminated in a hurry. They prefer hot climates and currently there are over 1200 known species in the world, all the more reason to keep them away from your home.

An interesting fact about any of these different varieties of pest is that their average life span ranges from 45-60 days, and as adults, they cannot swallow solid food. They depend on the juice they are able to squeeze from pieces of food.

They have many amazing adaptation skills and are believed to have existed for over 100 million years. Many types have adapted well to conditions indoors and outdoors. They are commonly known to infest your yard, your kitchen, and even your bathroom.

They are attracted to water. Keep any leaks repaired so there is no standing water to entice them. There are also types that prefer to congregate under stacks of wood. This is what makes houses that are built around bushy or wooded areas prime candidates for an infestation.

Advanced Carpenter Ant Bait as stated earlier is a method used to eliminate these pests. These annoying small wonders of the earth will enter into the homes of unsuspecting people through small cracks around window panels, kitchen backsplashes, and small cracks outside the house.

One may think these bugs are similar to a termite, but the fact is that they would never consider wood for their diet. An interesting tidbit to know is that most varieties are omnivorous, meaning they prefer to grub on meats, or sugary sweets like syrup, sugar, and honey.

The reason for their name is that they destroy homes by tunneling in the wood and shredding it for their nests. This particular type is notorious for devouring homes and leaving expensive wood damage behind.

While working in a colony, the workers tend to cause more problems at night. The colony begins when a Queen flies and locates a cavity that is suitable to begin laying her eggs. She can use almost any protected cavity, particularly an inside wall or a tree stump.

If you are concerned with noticeable activity, contact a professional exterminator to eradicate the entire colony and prevent any further infestations. As far as do it yourself pest control goes Advanced Carpenter Ant Bait is a great product to use for eliminating an existing problem.

While there are many do-it-yourself kits on the market, the homeowner should use precaution and keep these chemicals stored safely away from the reach of children and pets. Another method of protection to consider is Gel Bait. Just apply to closets, cabinets, and any other places that you notice a problem.

These pests are most often seen when the infestation has become a larger problem than the homeowner would have imagined. Once an infestation gets really bad, you will notice them traveling on the walls in bedrooms, baths, the kitchen, and on the outside of the home.

At this point you will definitely need to look into a way of extermination, such as Advanced Carpenter Ant Bait. This is a great method to use when the problem is larger than expected, it is also ideal to use on smaller infestations to avoid any future issues.
by Eliz Guide
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