Breast Cancer During Pregnancy: Its Your Call, Really!Breast Cancer During Pregnancy: Its Your Call, Really!

It will be wise to remember that when Breast Cancer descends upon women, it does so with very little or no warning.

And what if this is diagnosed during pregnancy--- could there be anything worst?

Yet, the facts suggest that this happens ever so often.

You have invested so much hope in waiting for the "big moment"--- and now this! Besides the trauma you are left with the overpowering guilt: "Is it my fault" or "God where did I go wrong?" The answer is that cancer is nobody's fault--- stop blaming yourself or feeling sorry for yourself. True, you could have led a good lifestyle, and if you did, then the fault could lie in your genes.

You could possibly have taken better care of your breasts by following a simple procedure like the breast self examination--- most women do better than most doctors and discover the lump themselves. But would have that made a difference to the outcome? Not necessarily!

Now, the course that you chose to charter will depend upon your beliefs and the knowledge of the different options available to you:

(1) Conventional Medicine,
(2) Alternate Medicine and Nature Cure
(3) A combination of both forms of Medicine.

While starting with conventional treatment, you will learn that diagnosis is often delayed because of the assumption that the lumps discovered in the breasts are due to normal hormonal changes. Mammography is known for its controversial inaccuracies and research has shown that it is difficult to detect tumors since the breast tissue is denser among younger women.

Surgery could be a good route but you run a risk of premature labor. Radiation therapy is not recommended though patients can be offered some kind of chemotherapy treatment after 12-15 weeks.

All this leads you to wonder: " Is there ANY cure that will work for me?"

The answer is Yes--- Alternate Medicine and Nature Cancer Cure! These treatments are non-toxic to healthy cells and more effective in looking after your immune system and are claimed to successfully cure more than 90% of the newly diagnosed cancer patients. Compare this with conventional medicine which has a success record of 3% only.

In nature cancer cures, according to reputed doctors and nutritionists, the emphasis is on the food you eat. Researchers have discovered foods that have been known for their healing qualities of breast cancer for centuries. Your naturopathic physician will determine the health problem and prescribe one or a combination of natural supplements or remedies to treat your cancer, totally free of toxins.

Just follow a simple diet and supplement regimen for 6-8 weeks--- all you need to reverse breast cancer. Successful natural, non-toxic and low cost cancer therapies are unknown to most oncologists as they believe that what was not taught to them in medical schools may not necessarily be true.

However, If you are uncomfortable with the thought that you are getting into something you are unfamiliar with, considering your present state, then try a combination of both forms of medicine. There are therapies developed by mainstream scientists that are now offered in the United States by a number of fully licensed, board certified medical doctors and oncologists.

When your and your expected baby's chances for survival are statistically at discomfort level, and the cancer treatment you decide upon can possibly do more harm than good, its time for some serious thinking.

So, its your call, really!
by Ram Bhalla
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R.P.Bhalla is a retired airline captain and a researcher in Health and Wellness. He writes extensively on Health and Relationship issues. http://natural-diet-solution.Info
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