Types Of Metal Jewellery Using SilverTypes Of Metal Jewellery Using Silver

Silver is a common metal used in making jewellery with exotic styles in mind. Accessories made out of silver are widely appreciated by men and women around the world. The use of silver metal jewellery is trendy and available in various designs as well. It is also durable and cheaper than other metal used in making accessories. Silver jewellery is much more affordable than gold and other accessories made of more precious metals. The elegance of this metal certainly appeals to many people who love wearing jewellery too.

There are usually different kinds of silver that are used in the silver jewellery pieces, which are sold in the market today. More likely, they are named after the specific silver used in making them. For instance, pure silver jewellery is made out of pure silver. There are many types of silvers, which are used in jewellery today, such as the following:

• Silver gemstone. This is common among accessories though it is quite a standout due to the silver stones present in it. The gemstones only increased the beauty and elegance of the accessories. They can give a unique charm to the jewellery, to make it look even more attractive. The gemstones in silver can have bright colours too. The most popular gemstones are ruby, turquoise, topaz, sapphires, pearl and emerald.

• Sterling silver. This is made of 92.5% silver. It is characterised by its hard surface, which is harder than other types of silver. This is also the most popular silver used in making accessories. It can be embellished in various techniques such as filigree, inlaying, chasing and engraving. These techniques can be seen used in rings, necklaces, bracelets, chains and bangles. Authenticated sterling silver jewellery would bear the '925' mark in it.

• German silver. This is also called as the alpaca silver. It is an alloy composed of zinc, nickel, and copper. It is one of the favoured silver metals for jewellery making because it is tough, durable and highly resistant to corrosion. German silver is mainly used for accessories, which do not come in touch directly with the skin. It has nickel, which usually triggers allergic reactions in the wearer.

• Pure silver. This is made of 99.9% silver, which is why it is the purest form of silver metal. It has a very glossy look, shiny and smooth texture. It is also the most expensive form of silver. Its malleability and intrinsic softness make it common among high-class jewellery. It is used in rings, necklaces, nose pins, pendants and toe rings. Pure silver is mostly used in jewellery with more intricate designs. It deserves utmost care given its price tag hence it should not be placed with other cheap silver jewellery.

• Oxidised silver. The oxidation process gives silver a dark and antique look. This dark appeal only serves to improve the quality and appearance of the jewellery. Elite people usually wear oxidised silver jewellery. This is mostly used in bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles, anklets, toe rings, nose pins and earrings.
by John Schofield
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