Cancer Does Not Mean That You Are About To Die!Cancer Does Not Mean That You Are About To Die!

You Have Cancer!

These are the three most dreaded words many people around the world may have to hear one time or another in their lives. Is this the beginning of the end? Not if you go about it in a dispassionate and sensible way.

After coping with the shock, most of us would find the top specialist we can afford and follow his treatment plan to the letter. You are made to believe that since oncologists went to medical school for years ---only they know what is best for you. Not necessarily!

While conventional doctors are undoubtedly experts in chemotherapy, radiation and surgery ---the only treatments taught in most medical schools--- their methods are by no means the safest or the most effective ways to cure most cancers.

Sure, they can fight the cancer for a while, but these treatments also poison your whole body, especially your immune system. They weaken your body's natural defenses just when you need them most. That's why most cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation-- suffer terrible side effects and become susceptible to all kind of infections. Ask these patients and they will tell you they would rather die than go through it a second time - and that's exactly what they choose to do.

So why is chemotherapy recommended by the large majority of doctors? While there is a tremendous conflict going on in the minds of honest and caring oncologists they are in a very difficult position because they've only been trained to give these drugs. Their good intentions fail when the only resource available to them has so little to offer.

Chemotherapy, the mainstay of any conventional cancer treatment has a success rate of 3%. Yes, the failure rate amounts to 97%. Not very encouraging since cancers such as breast, colon, and lung cancer are simply untreatable by chemotherapy.

That's right, after our loved ones have suffered for months on end and paid a fortune for for conventional treatments, over 55% of the most feared cancers come back again according to researchers at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Americans are known to donate generously to the cancer cause. Millions are spent on cancer research every year while the best brains toil away hoping for a breakthrough.
But with a small percentage of cancer survivors left to spend 5-7 years of a miserable existence, failure stares at us straight in the face.

What if you could treat cancer more successfully than most oncologists?

There are hundred of thousands of cancer patients around the world who are leading healthy, normal lives today. The truth is doctors so often get it wrong.

Experts in Nature Cure and Alternate Medicine claim that you can naturally cure most cancers at home for a fraction of the cost of chemotherapy --and without the horrible side effects. You will discover the most potent alternative cancer treatments that 94% of doctors don't even know exist. And it's probably easier to cure cancer in its earlier stages than it is to cure pneumonia. So, don't let panic rush you into a decision you may regret later.

It is a known fact that cancer is a multidimensional, systematic total body disease where the tumor is merely a symptom. Studies have shown that there is no known tumor that could not be cured 35 years ago, and can be cured today with conventional treatment. The entire purpose of the alternative cancer treatment is to correct the root cause of cancer in the whole body. Once the cause is discovered; reversing the cancer is a simple matter.

Cancer patients deserve to know the truth and to make choices based upon this truth and the choices to be made in treating cancer are not easy ones; because there is so little certainty of cure in any of them. Yet, the evidence that there are literally hundreds of alternative cancer treatments which really do work is voluminous.
by RPBhalla
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R.P.Bhalla is a retired airline captain, aviation medicine expert, and a researcher on Health and Wellness. He writes extensively on Health and Relationship issues.
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