Care Of Wigs - How To Wash Them?Care Of Wigs - How To Wash Them?

Did you know that wigs are delicate and sensitive that they need careful care for them to last long?

Like other fashion accessories and other belongings, your hairpieces need all the care for them to last long.

With the growing affinity of some individuals to fashion, wearing hairpieces has been popular nowadays along with the different trends and designs of clothes, bags, shoes and other fashion accessories. Since your hairpiece is also a fashion accessory, it serves lots of functions and purposes to those who have the high obsession of becoming trendy and fashionable. With wigs, you can transform your looks and personality in just a matter of seconds or minutes. More so, it can totally transform your total personality and looks into something better by choosing the right type and color of wigs, otherwise you may end up looking disgusting and crazy.

Since hairpieces are one of the vital fashion accessories you own, you need to take care of it carefully for these pieces to last longer. Apart from storing them in the right container and brushing them in the right way, washing them is another way of keeping them clean and maintaining their sturdy appearance. Bear in mind that different types of wigs have different methods of washing, thus you must be very careful, otherwise you may damage your hairpiece. Below are the different methods of washing synthetic and human hair wigs.

Step in washing synthetic wigs:

Bear in mind that your synthetic wigs do not need to be washed very often. You should only wash them after 10 to 12 uses or when you put lots of mousse or hair sprays on them. Remember that every washing of the wig shortens their life span, thus you should avoid putting excessive styling products on them to avoid washing them often.

Be sure to remove tangles and knots with your fingers or by brushing gently. However, do not even try to brush curly or wavy hairpiece to avoid damaging it.

Use only cool water in washing your synthetic wig. Fill the basin with water and mix it with a little synthetic wig shampoo. Soak it for about five minutes.

Swirl it around in water but never rub the wig's fiber.

Rinse it under running water and shake off excess water. Spread it on the towel to dry. You can also put synthetic hair conditioner on it. Avoid using hair dryer on the hairpiece but let it dry naturally.
Once dry, brush the wig before using it.

Steps in washing human hair wigs:

Like synthetic wigs, you must remove tangles and knots using wig pick, wig comb or wig brush before washing.

Use only lukewarm water and never cold water in washing this type of hairpiece. Fill in the basin with lukewarm water and mix it with wig shampoo. Soak the wig for five minutes.

Remove it from the water and ring out the excess water. Put little shampoo on your hand and apply it on the cap.

Rinse the wig and place it on the mannequin head securely using T-pins.

Apply some wig conditioner on it and let it stand for five minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water.

Rinse out excess water and place it on a towel to dry or you can place it on the mannequin head to air dry. You can also use hair dryer in drying it but be sure to use only the lowest temperature.

Be sure to gently comb the hair piece before using it again.

Use the steps and suggestions mentioned above in washing your hairpiece.
by Todd James E. Wertz
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