Environmental Protection Should Be Started From Our Side Environmental Protection Should Be Started From Our Side

With a vision of environmental protection to evaluate and buy goods, examine whether the product in the production process will cause pollution. Money in our hands like the “green vote”, which products to meet environmental requirements, we will buy which products, so that it will gradually occupies more and more market share; which products do not meet environmental requirements, we will not buy it, but also to mobilize the people do not buy it, so that it will gradually be eliminated, or converting the green products to meet the environmental requirements. If every consumer has a conscious choice in favor of consumer goods, then this information will be aggregated into a single signal, and guide sustainable development with the right producers and sellers.

However, the plastic bags among a lot of supermarket are not provided free of charge, which is to reduce the use of plastic bags. When many people buy things, they are used to take a clothing bag, or load cargo into the car, with no use of a plastic bag. To use less plastic bags, some housewives carry huge rattan baskets to go shopping. Moreover, many hotels do not provide a disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, and slippers. Furthermore, if you go to the gym, you are the best to prepare for a special fitness soft soled shoes or thick cotton socks, because humid gym carpet is easy to hide and breed bacteria, such as plantar warts. Such as the public locker rooms and slippers of swimming pools, although they have been disinfected, you are better to still wear your own.

Next, let us have a look at the waste caused by our humans. Weight of waste thrown by per person per day is more than five or six times than the average body weight. And the annual output is about 4.3 million tons of garbage, every day is about 12,000 tons of garbage, as well as per person per day throws the garbage approximately one kilogram, equivalent to an annual to pile two mountain. The present garbage generation is very large, and much of it is caused by the excessive packaging. Many goods, especially cosmetics, the packaging costs of health care products accounted for 30% to 50% of the cost. Excessive packaging not only causes a huge waste, but also increases the economic burden on consumers, while increasing the amount of waste, and pollution.

Therefore, in order to protect our environment, we should reduce the use of plastic bags.

by Toryyang
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