What Are The Most Common Signs Of Depression?What Are The Most Common Signs Of Depression?

Apart from the usual endless feelings of sorrow, despair and tiredness, there are many other warning signs of depression that severely alter the quality of the affected individual's being. Other known signs of depression include irregular sleep and appetite patterns, reduced mental abilities, fear, physical pain, as well as loss of interest in most of life's activities.

Most persons who suffer from depression may notice that they get frustrated or quit quickly. They may easily loose their temper or become annoyed easily over trivial issues. On top of that, their abilities to pay attention or concentrate become diminished.

This significantly impacts on their functioning at school, work and even at home. As a result of this the quality of personal or work relationships lessens considerably.

Persistent pessimistic thoughts and emotions are also important warning signs of most depressive ailments. Many depression patients report that they are incapable of stopping or control their depressing stream of thoughts and emotions of misery.

Normally, such thoughts and emotions greatly pale in comparison (i.e. in terms of intensity and duration) to their attributed "cause". For instance, for individuals with depression, a minor incident like misplaced keys can result in endless tiring frustration, personal guilt trips and self-denigration that may continue for several hours or even days. Unexplainable teary spells can occur sometimes with or without noteworthy provocation.

Mental tasks like paying attention, concentration, memory, following and responding to verbal dialogs, analyzing, decision making, calculation and common sense capabilities diminish enormously in a good number depression cases.

A good number of depression sufferers moreover observe that dealing with what were initially undemanding tasks frequently leave them physically and mentally exhausted as well as emotionally drained. In turn usual tasks like taking a bath, brushing teeth, career responsibilities, relationship roles and household chores progressively turn out to be loathsome to them.

One of the most common warning sign of depression is the loss of ability to experience enjoyment of any kind. A good number depression patients find that very few things excite or inspire them. Fun activities like games and hobbies loose their attractiveness and in turn a good number sufferers prefer not to engage in any leisure, social or fun activity.

Depression signs and symptoms can be deduced in individuals who suddenly change from being outgoing, sociable and social to becoming withdrawn and difficult to deal with. This happens regularly in young adults and adolescents who tend to be uncharacteristically grumpy, irritable and hostile when depressed.

Odd bodily pain is also very common in many depression cases. Joint and muscle aches and pains are a shared complaint for many sufferers. Depression related headaches, migraine, back aches and other bodily discomforts seem to affect the elderly more than any other age group. As a result of this the emotional signs and symptoms tend to be ignored during medical checkups and are therefore left untreated for a long time.

Many cases of suicide or attempted suicide have been attributed to depression than to other probable causes. Apart from this depressed individuals are more apt to engage in illicit activities like drug abuse, violent crime and homicide as compared to other emotionally healthy individuals.

It is for that reason very recommended to provide assistance and support to family members or friends who unexpectedly develop erratic and antisocial behavior that resemble the above stated depression warning symptoms. This is particularly important for young adults and small children who may not be aware of the adverse effects of this unpleasant mental illness.

More importantly those who think that they may perhaps be suffering from depression should seek out professional help as soon as they can. Only licensed health practitioners can provide the correct treatment procedure based on the noticeable symptoms.
by George Njogu
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