Five Things To Do For Your Health When You Hit The Age Of 40Five Things To Do For Your Health When You Hit The Age Of 40

"It has been great, actually", laughed Sharon, aged 42 when quizzed how it has been since she has turned 40. Sharon, a primary school teacher feels it all depends on how well you have been looking after yourself. Forty would definitely be a right time to begin taking that special time for your self to continue going strong. Here are a few things you can do for a healthier forties.

Check-up time

40s is the right time to have that yearly check up. It will help you understand your body better and gives you an early warning on the health issues you need to be more careful with. Most hospitals run an Annual Master Health Check Up program with a free consultation with an expert of your choice.

So make that appointment! If your partner is above 40 too, you can make the appointment for the two of you. This could also be a great opportunity to get sometime together to actually discuss your health and any lifestyle improvements you can do.

Tummy Time

Joe, a marketing professional, who had boasted of a flat stomach all his life, noticed he was developing a tummy when he hit his 40. "I lead a very busy life and never had given much thought to a diet before", he said.

Overeating ages your body faster. Foods rich in sugar shock your cells. Your body overworks to digest and assimilate all the junk it has been fed! Over a period of time, the body begins to suffer from handling the constant overload.

Simple food at the right intervals would be a good plan to follow as you advance in age. Fiber rich foods like oats, fresh fruits and raw vegetables aid in digestion and also hoflp keep that weight in check. Eat right to keep active and young looking.

Be active

The health benefits of a regular exercise routine are immense. As people advance in their age, the desire to stay healthy comes in. The body can use the care. Most experts agree that a five-day work out of just thirty minutes per week improves muscle tone and keeps the body in excellent shape.

A regular exercise routine not only helps in preventing that bulge but also helps reduce tension and strain. Even a daily morning brisk walk aids in maintaining the sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Expert Advice

It always helps to meet an expert before you commence on an exercise and diet program.
Working with personal trainers helps you to come up with an exercise plan, tailor-made to suit your individual requirements, based on your age, health and fitness levels. Dieticians also provide valuable insights to how best we could nourish our body to stay younger and feel more energized.


Forty is also an age when you should plan to make more time for yourself. At this age, we are usually more comfortable in our own skin. It could be the right time to delve deeper, to seal that dream of healthy longevity.
by Kya Grace
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