Tips To Stay Consistent With Your Exercise RoutineTips To Stay Consistent With Your Exercise Routine

Whenever you start a weight loss program, you are filled with enthusiasm to make it work. Initially, you find yourself going to the gym and visiting health food stores. After a couple of weeks, the routine begins to pall and you let things slip. You tell yourself that having one pastry would not hurt or missing the gym just once is not the end of the world. You are back to square one before you know it. However, it is not difficult to stay consistent with your exercise routine.

Workout in the morning

Morning is the best time to do workouts because it jumpstarts your metabolism and keeps it elevated for a long time after the workout. Besides, you will find it easy to stick to a morning schedule and turn it into a habit. Statistics have proved that more than 90% people have been successful in following a regular regimen of exercise, if it is done in the morning. Moreover, you will get the rest of the day to do your work without any interruptions.

Chart out your workout plan

Paying lip service to your workout routine like, "I'll go to the gym from tomorrow", will not work unless you prepare a detailed chart of your long term goals in your weight loss program. The goals should be manageable and easy to achieve, to begin with. Long term goals will mentally prepare you to have a reasonable start before you go in for a long haul. A workout chart will turn into a daily chore when you turn consistent.

Keep yourself motivated

Self motivation works when all else fail in getting you to exercise. Firstly, find yourself a workout partner, who is as serious as you are about exercise. Your partner will motivate you when you find yourself giving in to reasons not to exercise. Secondly, maintaining a record of your progress in a journal will keep up your spirits to carry on with exercise. Avoid comparing yourself to other women with good figures. You must understand that genetics is a major factor for looking different from the others and just strive to stay in the best possible shape.

Select a fitness workout of your choice

You will see quick results if you choose an exercise that you like to do. It could be a combination of more than one exercise like hiking, walking, biking, running, cardio, weight lifting, treadmill, martial arts or even belly-dancing! Whatever it may be, you could continue doing any of them without quitting altogether. This will give you the flexibility to do whatever you may feel like doing at that point and a far better option than not doing any exercise at all.

Have an adaptive program

There may be days when your exercise schedule may not work or have issues that affect your progress. Then, you will need to adjust or change your workout and push yourself harder to see better results. You must remember that goals could change but consistency never changes.
by Kya Grace
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Kya Grace is a Sydney personal trainer. If you would like to sign up for a personal training session, or to register for bootcamp trial, visit Boot Camp Sydney.
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