Discover The Top 3 Weight Loss Secrets Used By Long Island Fitness TrainerDiscover The Top 3 Weight Loss Secrets Used By Long Island Fitness Trainer

It's possible that you, in an attempt to lose weight or get into shape, have tried using a variety of different programs, fitness regimes, or diets. Perhaps these were recommended to you by friends, advertised on TV, or simply looked good on the department store shelf. But after weeks of following a certain program the results simply don't seems to come. That's because without the invaluable help of a trainer such as a Long Island fitness trainer you are really just shooting in the dark, not knowing what will work best for you. A Long Island fitness trainer can help you get the results you need by tailoring a program just for you and helping you out with a few invaluable weight loss secrets of his own.

One of the greatest weight loss secrets a Long Island fitness trainer will tell you is eating to burn fat rather than to lose weight. These may sound the same to you, but they are very different. Eating to lose weight means cutting out calories and preferring "fat-free" and "low fat" options at the supermarket. There's nothing wrong with that method per se, but eating to burn fat means not only choosing what you eat more wisely and cutting out the extra calories, but also training your body to use the calories you give it more wisely. A Long Island fitness trainer will help you to eat in a way that your metabolism increases, and you do that by eating smaller meals more often. Dividing up your meals into five smaller meals, for example, rather than eating three large meals a day, means your body has a constant source of fuel. By giving your body five 300, 400, or 500 calorie blocks a day you can keep your levels of calories consumption down but still give your body the fuel it needs.

Another invaluable tip for losing weight is keeping hydrated. A long Island fitness trainer will always have you drinking water because without enough water your body doesn't function properly. Keeping your body constantly hydrated means that you not only keep your body running but you also aren't as hungry or prone to over eat. If you need, add a splash of flavor to your water like a lemon or lime, but avoid sugary drinks at all costs.

Finally a third tip that your Long Island fitness trainer will help you remember is that protein is an invaluable part of your diet. Supplementing more complex carbs with high protein foods like fish and chicken breast will help fuel your muscles more and help add muscle bulk rather than flabby fat. With a Long Island fitness trainer helping you to modify and improve your diet you can see the results in no time and lose the weight in a matter of months.

Three areas that your fitness trainer can help with are eating to burn fat, the importance of hydration, and the importance of proper nutrition for fat loss and toning.
by Billy Hofacker
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Billy Hofacker is the #1 Long Island fitness trainer and has been teaching Long Island clients how to lose weight, feel great, and trade in their bodies for new ones for over 12 years. Check out this Long Island fitness trainer here.
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